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Will Debbie Rowe really take the stand for AEG Live in the current Michael Jackson trial? Reports suggest she will, and tell the jury that Michael had a “secret” drug problem which he hid from the concert promoter. In doing so, Rowe will be advocating against the plaintiffs—her two children, Prince and Paris, and their grandmother Katherine Jackson. Will Debbie choose the money—meaning AEGLive and the Jackson estate—over her own kids and relationship with Mrs. Jackson?

This has always been the dilemma for Debbie Rowe. In 2003, when Michael was in deep trouble over his Martin Bashir interview, Rowe showed up, and filmed a special interview to support Jackson. It’s unclear whether or she received remuneration.

In 2005, Rowe was up against the wall financially. I wrote about her threat to sell her Michael Jackson engagement on ebay when he wasn’t sending her checks. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,143134,00.html  

She testified in his defense at the child molestation trial, basically saving his neck, after telling prosecutors she would testify for them. That switcheroo on the stand paid off in 2006, when she and Jackson finally settled once again their financial issues. Rowe got her money. http://www.foxnews.com/story/2005/08/08/jacko-in-exile-with-20-year-old-proteacutegeacute/

In 2009, after Jackson died, Rowe again re-negotiated, this time with the estate. She agreed to let Katherine Jackson become the childrens’ guardian. Some reports say she received $4 million.

In 2010, I reported that Rowe had quietly started visiting the children and spending time with them. http://www.showbiz411.com/2010/06/21/michael-jacksons-kids-spending-time-with-debbie-rowe

Now Rowe is back in the center of the discussion. Her 15 year old daughter with Jackson has tried to commit suicide, is said to be in a depression, and has been sent to Utah for treatment. This came after Rowe suddenly became very close to Paris. But Prince, the son, so far wants nothing to do with her. And the only thing that binds her to her children is a tenuous friendship with Katherine Jackson.

But testify for AEG? Rowe’s testimony would almost certainly damage Katherine Jackson’s wrongful death suit. TMZ says Rowe would offer evidence that her former employer, Dr. Arnold Klein, gave Michael Jackson shots of Demerol and let him sleep in his office.

However, Rowe—who wasn’t in touch with Michael for at least three years leading up to his death—wouldn’t be the only source of this information. Dr. Klein sued the Jackson estate for $48,000 in unpaid medical bills. Those bills covered March 22- June 22, 2009. There are 51 shots of Demerol on there and loads of other medications. The AEG people were shocked – I wrote it about then—when Dr. Klein presented this bill. They had no idea what Jackson was doing in Klein’s office. And I wrote about a Klein patient who said she saw Jackson in the office on one those days.

Whatever Debbie Rowe does now in this trial may determine the future of her relationships with Prince and with Paris. It’s decision that will affect everyone.  Will she pull another switcheroo and come in for one side, but endorse the other?

More on Jackson, Rowe, Klein and other doctors to come…

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  1. It’s not by choice who Debbie testifies for, it’s which side subpoenaed her for the trial, which in this case was AEG Live. IMO, Debbie will answer all questions honestly presented to her by AEG Live attorney Putnam and when cross examined by Jackson attorney Panish. Lying in court would cause damage to her relationship with her children, but the truth shouldn’t.

    During Katherines testimony last Friday and Monday, she admitted that she filed her wrongful deathsuit against AEG Live with Michael’s children’s names without informing them of such. By law, Katherine couldn’t file the lawsuit without the childrens names on it, but morally and ethically she should have told them at the time and gotten their input.

    By 2005, Michael had not held up his end of the contract with Debbie for payments he owed to her. It wasn’t until his death that the Estate paid Debbie the arrears which Michael owed to her. That payment(s) had nothing to do whether Debbie would contest Katherine for guardianship of her children after MJ’s death. Debbie is/was intelligent to know that the children were in shock upon their father’s death and wasn’t going to interfere with MJ’s request that his mother have guardianship. The kids were already having enough shock in their lives and Debbie wasn’t going to make it any worse. She waited until the children were ready for them to approach her first.

  2. Interesting. As a nurse, Rowe would be a mandatory reporter. If she knew what reports are claiming she knew, she’s as guilty as the rest for not reporting Klein’s ‘treatment’ or confronting Jackson and urging him to get different help for his debilitating insomnia and chronic pain. There are no good long-term treatments for either, especially when ‘the show must go on’.
    Rebecca White conducted an interview with Rowe for MTV in 2008, in which Rowe sings Klein’s praises. You’re No one until you’re Klein’s patient. It’s online.

    When LE raided Neverland in 2003, they confiscated a document written on letterhead from the Center for Regenerative Medicine dated July 2002 with instructions for home detox. Appears Jackson was doing or planned to do an outpatient detox and substitute Buprenex for Demerol.
    Also confiscated was a note written in Jackson’s handwriting that stated: “Buprenex does the same as Demerol, the only difference is you cannot become an addict on Buprenex. Buprenex- Synthetic Demerol. 2 viles. I would feel safe having it in case of axident.”
    The center is run by Dr. Farshchian. Nurse David Fournier (I believe) testified that this doctor had implanted an “opioid antagonist” into Jackson.

    I personally don’t see how any of this is relevant to the claims against AEG. Even if Jackson was a daily IV user- no evidence to support illicit drug use or even consistent- that would not absolve AEG of their responsibilities. They didn’t provide Murray with the nurse and emergency monitoring equipment he requested. Did anyone at AEG think to ask why that was necessary? Murray ordered over 2 gallons of Propofol in a two month period. That didn’t send up any red flags? Oxygen tanks going in and out daily. And NO one noticed?

    Will Rowe pull a switch-a-roo again? Hard to say. I’ve seen her work both sides of the isle for years and wonder if she went with the highest bidder. I find it curious that Paris made a sudden change after contact with Debbie. When Rowe negotiated for visitation rights after Jackson’s death, it was reported that she and Katherine would seek a therapist for the children.

  3. Come on Roger, she was subpoenaed, what do you expect her to do – run like Grace? She can only testify to what she knew while she worked with Klein. You know nothing about where Paris is and you can only speculate about other things as well.

  4. If someone is subpoenaed, which is the situation here according to Ms. Rowe, then they don’t have a choice in testifying. This article makes it sound like she has a choice.

  5. Debbie should not do anything to hurt those children anymore than they have been hurt already ,they ve been through enough .

  6. I’m flabbergasted by this biased entry, distorting facts and inaccurate on so many levels, building on “reports” and the writer’s own personal interpretation of what is going on – not to mention, it’s written with a total lack of empathy and consideration for struggling Paris. She is not suffering from depression per se, except that she is grieving for her father, instead precisely this kind of thing are part of the circumstances in her life that feels are so unbearable to her.

    Just one thing: Her suicide attempt came when she had started to spend time with Debbie? Well, you would be better off arguing it came with the strains of the trial against AEG. She found the deposition excruciatingly painful. It also came in connection with cyber bullying. I have seen it, and it was vicious. Paris was looking forward to weeks with her mother, now her life is put on hold, which is not good at all.

    I doubt very much Debbie Rowe will be there to support AEG, and I doubt very much she would do such a thing for “the money”. Her bonding with Paris and hopefully eventually the other two children are clearly more important to her. Besides, firstly she doesn’t know not very much about MJ drug use, secret or otherwise, except for the Demerol shots which the whole world is aware of at least since 1997 when MJ put the song “Morphine” on his album. (That’s how secret it was.) Secondly, it doesn’t matter what she says, because it does not change one iota about how AEG treated Michael Jackson with threats and contempt,even violence, and bullied the already highly incompetent Conrad Murray into delivering a functional Jackson to them no matter how he felt, reminding him he was depending on them, not Jackson, since they had the money.

    The trial does not hinge on Debbie Rowe. I believe AEG will go down, and rightly so. If nothing else, they have been caught with their pants down, showing a vile corporate culture of brutality and contempt, and their attitude towards Michael Jackson during this trial remains exactly the same. It’s telling in itself.

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