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Okay, now I’ve seen everything. Completely deluded “Oliver!” star Mark Lester and Michael Jackson ex wife Debbie Rowe are having a vicious war on Twitter. It looks like it started on July 24th when Lester, an osteopath and acupuncturist, began needling Rowe.

Convinced he’s the bio father of Paris, Rowe’s daughter, the child star now in his 50s, Tweeted her: “Hi Debbie I think we need to talk for the good of Paris. We have strong family ties here it can only be for the best x”

Hah! That set off the volatile Rowe and there’s been no looking back. Rowe’s response is protected. But Lester responds: “Why so aggressive?” And “I come in peace.” When Rowe again responds in a protected message, Lester baits her: “When the mother of my children deserted them there was only one parent. Sound familiar? I speak to my kids every day. Do you?”

He adds: “Their mother was into horses and dogs too. Sadly not into her own kids”
And that does it. Debbie comes out of protection:

   @MarkalesterMark good for you stay away from me and my kids

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  1. I have the whole thing in screen shots if you want it Roger. He has a couple of other Tweets that might catch your eye. The next day Matt Fiddes, you know the other baby daddy aka umbrella man tweeting him and him responding. Then of course I have the one where he calls one of those children that he talks to every day a MONSTER and puts a photo of her up there. Shades of Alec Baldwin! Which ones would you like. Debbie was great !!!!!

  2. This is so pathetic. Debbie Rowe knows quite well that Michael Jackson was not the father of the children. I do not believe Mark Lester is the father of these children, but for Debbie to pretend that she is so much better than Mark is ridiculous. She sold her children to Michael Jackson, a man who had a drug problem and was accused of pedophilia and now she wants to act like mother of the year? This disgusting pig traded her children for money and never looked back. She then pretends that Michael Jackson was the true father of those kids. No wonder the kids seem so detached and messed up. They are living a lie and they were treated as commodities.

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