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My friends, do you recall the fuss people made about MoNique when “Precious” first screened? By the time she finished torturing Gabby Sidibe, people were engraving her gold Oscar statue and trying to remember where the apostrophe went. Well, in Lee Daniels’
“The Butler,” which screened today for SAG and a smattering of press, I can tell you what happened: another woman known by one name caused the same stir.

I can’t review the movie yet because it’s still early– the it doesn’t open until August 16th. Chalk this up as an Oscar observation.

Her name is Oprah, although she will have the Winfrey name on her nominations certificate and maybe even that statue. This is what happens: Oprah, who really hasn’t acted since “The Color Purple” and “The Women of Brewster Place,” makes a startling return as the wife of White House butler Forest Whitaker. She plays Gloria Gaines, who I think is kind of a fictitious character inspired by the life of the real butler’s wife.

Oprah is simply off the charts mesmerizing as Gloria. It’s as if she’d been acting this whole time. (Some will say she has been, but I disagree.) Among the many powerful performances in this landmark movie, Winfrey jumps out because of her long absence from the screen. People in our showing–which was a very good cross-section of black and white, young and old– people were crying through this movie. And Oprah gets a scene stealing Oscar moment that is going to take her right into every awards show. If I had to bet now, I’d say she wins Best Supporting Actress. She’s that good.

And by the way, among the audience were none other than Mike Nichols and Diane Sawyer. Mike gave the movie a hearty thumbs up on the way out. He wasn’t the only one.

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  1. I haven’t bought anything related to, or endorsed by, Oprah, or watched her show, ever since she showed her uber-Liberal socialist colors when she cr. app. ed. on Palin by refusing to have her on her show until after the election. This arrogant and irritating woman who made her fortune on the backs of the conservative middle-class did an extreme about-face when she endorsed Obama and ONLY Obama. I don’t care what she’s in, or how good others say she is, she will not get a penny of my money. I will give it to a wino street beggar instead. At least there it will be put to better use.

  2. You are jumping the gun about Oprah Winfrey but, there are a lot of other movies coming out and were still in the middle of summer so don’t be so sure that she is a slam dunk as of yet.

  3. what do they mean she gets the monique roll… is that a racist statment how come it cant be the merle streep roll or the tom hanks roll?????????? and why compare her to monique who had no experience at all and the only similarities in the two are they both are black … plus size and celebrity status??? so how is this acomparison … two diffent experiences of acting ??

  4. There is no doubt that the film ‘The Butler’ will be nominated for every award under the sun, including it’s actors, actresses, directors, producers and so on, because the film is good, and the actors are good, not necessarily, but because it is politically correct, probably left leaning, and the type of film that the academy always picks.

  5. Whatever. Oprah getting some award from the Liberal elites in Hollywood is about as meaningful as Comrade Obama’s “Nobel Peace Prize”. It’s a joke, a sham and everyone knows it, so we just shakes their heads in disgust.

  6. What is an Oscar??..Oh is that something promoting the archaic industry called “Hollywood” that plummeted from Golden Years down to boiling scum that floats on top of a witch-crafted cauldron of blood? who is Oprah…..oh another over payed tool.

  7. My wife has leukemia, my brother lost his job a year ago and his kids had to leave college and work, my country is being torn apart by people in New York and Hollywood while sipping cosmos and laughing over $900 dinners.

    I couldn’t possible care less about Oprah and your giddy thoughts about “none other” than Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols, and a predictable Leftist hit piece on everything in Weinsteins hate radar.

  8. Could she remember her lines or did she use cue cards? It looks to me like the latter rather the former. The movies Hollywood is making these days are crap to begin with. And Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan? Sure so some liberal nut bag can besmirch a great President who isn’t alive to defend himself and you fools in the mainstream media eat it right up.

  9. I think this is a lot like Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Oprah will win just because she’s Oprah. Her acting ability (or lack thereof) will have NOTHING to do with it.

  10. Well isn’t that SPECIAL? A host of liberals cast for ‘The Butler’ so that they can trash the memory of the last good president ever to serve our nation. This is another piece of Hollywood filth that audiences will NOT pay their increasingly hard-earned money to watch.

  11. I think you people need to get out of your bubble a little bit. You can’t honestly believe Diane Sawyer exemplifies the people of the US, do you? Seriously???

  12. The liberal Democrat establishment and their Hollywood lackeys will hand an Oscar over to anyone they tell them to. Payment for faithful service to liberal causes often takes the form of some kind of award. It never fails.

  13. She is terrible and if she gets the Oscar its for sure it is bought and paid for. It doesn’t matter anyway no one watches or listens to her since she back the idiot in the WH and now is going to hock Obamacare.

  14. Oprah has about the same acting ability as Madonna and Cher. One of them got an oscar for playing herself. Oprah can do that. Actually everyone can but most don’t have the money to buy it.

  15. I am SHOCKED AND AMAZED that the usual sycophants found this movie so captivating. who’da thunk???? I mean; Oprah is such a CUTTING personality you never know which way it could go. (They’d give her a Pulitzer for her dirty toilet paper, but hey……She’s Oprah.)

  16. Winfrey has been salivating for an Oscar since she first got into the business. This desperately needy woman craves the validation of an Academy Award, in spite of her vast success. After all, she fancies herself a great actress, although her film legacy is meager at best. Winfrey will buy the nomination and award if she has to, and, God knows, she has the money.

    Winfrey, however, can probably save her bucks. Millions of female and gay-male drones have slavishly bought the commercial products and pseudo-advice that Winfrey has shilled over the years. The buzz from that legion of zombies will ensure that the woman gets her Oscar.

    This early, drooling article by Friedman is merely the tip of the blathering iceberg. The boring din will not stop until Winfrey is given the damn statue months from now.

  17. I saw a trailer for it and during a serious moment in the film, as soon as Oprah appeared, all the audience did was talk—“hey, it’s Oprah! What’s she doing here?” It felt jarring and out of place as if the talk show host had wandered on the screen. People laughed!

  18. Who is Mo’nique? And just what is a “Mo’nique”? I never heard of this person, or whatever it is. What is “precious” about her? Can you people start speaking in terms that ordinary people understand?


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