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Hundreds of people waited in lines, groups, whatever yesterday afternoon to meet Hugh Jackman. The Broadway star of his own show, Oscar nominee for singing “Les Miserables,” is also, in his spare time, Wolverine. How many times has he played the X Man from Marvel comics? “Six,” was the lucky answer for a member the waiting, shvitzing fans who got a free DVD set of “X Men” movies for knowing this vital information. This is what was going on on the so-called 4th floor of the AMC Empire on 42nd St. Fox gave away foam Wolverine claws and posters “for your bedroom” while everyone waited for Jackman to finish up his David Letterman taping.

And then he arrived: the real Hugh Jackman is much smaller than Wolverine. He has kept the beard, maybe to look menacing. But that’s hard for Jackman, who is always smiling and laughing. You know the whole thing is a put on for him. He’s having a ball. He hit the little makeshift indoor stage and took questions from the fans. Some of them were allowed to come up and join him. They each asked the same question: “Why is this movie different from the last one?” Answer: “Because it was shot in Japan.” Otherwise, it’s more growling and clawing.

Also: “Will Wolverine ever be in an Avengers move?” There’s no real answer to that other than: Hugh Jackman would like it too. Ka ching. Then he can afford to take a year or two off and do his “Houdini” musical on Broadway. Anyway, nice guy as always. I didn’t see the movie. My nieces did, they loved it.  First weekend will be big.

photoof Hugh Jackman  c2013 Showbiz411

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