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The second to last film starring the late James Gandolfini is coming to Toronto. “Enough Said,” directed by Nicole Holofcener has been chosen as a special presentation. Julia Louis Dreyfuss and the director’s favorite actress (and mine) Catherine Keener co-star. Holofcener’s last movie was the marvelous “Please Give,” a gem that you should rent, buy, download or whatever ASAP. Toni Colette also co-stars.

The irony here is that Gandolfini is cast as the romantic lead. He’s not a gangster. This could have been a game changer for the beloved “Sopranos” actor—something he really wanted. It’s almost heartbreaking if the movie succeeds.

Gandolfini has one more movie after this: “Animal Rescue,” an off beat crime drama co-starring Tom Hardy. We won’t see that until 2014.

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