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Well, so much for that. The awful John Travolta- Robert DeNiro thriller “The Killing Season” goes straight to DVD on August 20th. I don’t know what happened to the 90 day window for DVD releases. “Killing Season” just opened. But Millennium must have planned this from the beginning. “The Killing Season” made $27,713 in its one week of release. That should be all time low for both actors. Yikes….

…Now that “The Butler” title debate is over, Harvey Weinstein has issued a statement: “We are thrilled this has all come to an end and has been resolved.  The MPAA’s overturning of their original decision to now allow the use of ‘butler’ in the title is a victory for Lee Daniels, the film’s 28 investors who believed in it, America’s greatest attorney David Boies, and especially in the memory of my friend and the film’s producer Laura Ziskin.  Now we can focus on the importance of Lee Daniels’ film, the amazing performances by Forest, Oprah and the incredible cast who spent countless months bringing this story about American history and civil rights to screen.” “The Butler” opens August 12th, but will get a White House screening with the Obamas before that…

Beloved actress Rita Moreno is getting the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award in January. Moreno was the first actress to have an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony. She’s 82 and working all the time. Bravo!…



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