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Back on April 25th I told you that Katherine Jackson had been taken to a family meeting at Janet’s secret Beverly Hills apartment. It was to discuss how the avaricious Jacksons would divide up their spoils after winning the AEG case. Yesterday there was a similar story in the New York Post. But just to refresh our memories:

Oh, the Jacksons. Their game has not changed. I am told by an insider that while Paris and Prince were at school back on April 18th, their grandmother was summoned to a family meeting in Beverly Hills. According to sources, Mrs. Jackson went to daughter Janet’s house where she was met by Jermaine, Randy, Rebbie, Janet and several other family members.

The topic of this 1pm pow-wow: how to divvy up the billions the Jacksons expect to make reap from the wrongful death suit against AEG Live. “Jermaine is already talking about how he’s getting a new Ferrari and a Bentley,” says a source.

And strangely enough: LaToya Jackson wasn’t there. No one told her about the meeting.

It was only ten months ago that the same Jacksons– Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie– “kidnapped” Mrs Jackson to Arizona, hoping to get access to her money from Michael Jackson’s estate.

The 1 pm meeting, it’s believed, was designed to take place while Prince and Paris were in school. According to my sources, Michael Jackson’s kids do not know this meeting took place. This might be of note to Prince, especially, who has lately been listening to Jermaine and Randy, according to insiders.

The AEG case is going to hinge on whether the Jackson lawyers can prove AEG knew Michael was ill, and somehow encouraged Dr. Conrad Murray to ignore the facts. It’s also going to depend on how much Murray reported to AEG at all. This may prove difficult since Murray was never paid, and was “hired” by Michael. The AEG side is going to say Michael insisted on Murray, and they simply acquiesced.

In any case, the Jacksons shouldn’t be buying anything expensive before a verdict is reached.

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  1. What a nightmare and screw up! talk about blood money! Prince should not go to Germaine omg ,buying cars ,talk about dancing on Michael s grave !! hope he s haunting them all ,I feel that Katherine is in despair ,who can she trust?

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