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The word from Comic Con: Cory Monteith’s “Glee” character will be killed off in the third episode of the new season. Show creator Ryan Murphy will start the new season with a two part Beatles tribute (which must make the folks at Sony/ATV Music Publishing very happy as they enter the Beatles’ 50th anniversary year in America).

Monteith (and presumably Lea Michele) will be written out of those shows. Then in episode 3, Finn will die. There will be a tribute to him and to Monteith. Then the show will go on hiatus so Murphy can decide what to do without Finn, and what will happen to Lea Michele’s Rachel if she stays with the show.

Murphy gave a lot of interviews at Comic Con, and this much can be gleaned: he conducted an intervention with Murphy in March, which is what sent the actor to rehab. So everyone at “Glee” knew what was up, and Murphy, I think with unusual compassion, tried to get Monteith the help he needed.

When Monteith returned from rehab, he voiced fears to Murphy that his drug addiction and rehab would cause him to be fired. Murphy says he reassured him that he would not. The rest, we know.

Monteith’s death is a tragedy, but “Glee” would have gone on without him whether or not Murphy and Michele wanted it to or not. “Glee” is a business, and it supports hundreds of people. Fox needs it, the producers need more episodes for syndication, and all the other actors and crew have contracts.

I do expect Murphy will handle Finn’s — and Monteith’s — death with great sensitivity. And has he’s indicated in all his interviews, it may be a catharsis for the audience as well.

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