Home Celebrity Coroner: Cory Monteith Only Died of Regular Heroin Overdose, Nothing Special

I am trying to understand the latest release from the British Columbia coroner. This is from the office of Barb McLintock, a woman who hung up on me Tuesday when I tried to ask her a question about Cory Monteith’s heroin addiction. Today McLintok’s office thought it was important to say that there was “no Fentanyl” in Monteith’s autopsy. He just died of an overdose from regular heroin, as if that was better, I guess. The Vancouver sent out a notice yesterday that really strong heroin was suddenly making its way around town. But apparently Cory only had the regular kind. Still, no one’s said who was visiting Monteith in the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel the day he died, and who supplied him with the heroin. His mother decided to cremate his body rather quickly rather than have a funeral for friends. She also, according to TMZ, refused to let Cory’s dad see him. Now everyone will head to probate court, where the real action will take place.

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