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UPDATE: “Glee” star Cory Monteith died of a mixture of heroin, drug toxicity and alcohol according to the Vancouver coroner. Barb McLintock of the British Columbia coroner’s office says in this video “primarily heroin.” Wow. Some rehab. Heroin has to be a result much more severe than anyone expected. And I do wonder how he could have been in that condition for week and no one noticed.



Earlier I told had been told by the coroner’s office that the results of the autopsy would be inconclusive and I went with that. Well, blame it on Canada.

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  1. Blame Canada! Really Roger! For a journalist that seems like a pretty irresponsible and general statement to make. Yes, I am Canadian, but to blame a whole country? If the same thing happened in your country, you would’t say blame America. As much as I as I enjoy visiting your website and dealing with your continued need to feel vindicated by remind your readers that you told us first (which a good journalist shouldn’t feel the need to do), sometimes I just have to shake my head. Your better than that statement, I hope. Show us the intelligent individual you are by reframing from saying something as unintelligent and immature as blaming Canada. It is a sad story and by making a statement like that you bring your column to tabloid levels. You should know better. (I guess I had more to say that I thought).

  2. “Wow. Some rehab.”

    Why are you blaming the rehab he went to, did they make false claims and use dangerous procedures like Scientology’s Narconon?

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