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Now that the coroner has revealed Cory Monteith’s cause of death– heroin overdose with alcohol–there will be a lot of questions. What kind of rehab was he in? Why was he in the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel for a week? What about all these people who saw him or who were with him in the days leading up to this event? If Monteith was shooting heroin, didn’t anyone see tracks on his arms? This isn’t to lay blame. But it’s a little perplexing that this went on and on without any red flags. The coroner won’t say anything more about the heroin, so the precise descriptions are hard to get. But this isn’t like an overdose from pills too much cocaine, drinking to excess. This is the hard stuff.  Stay tuned…

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  1. A. Who said he was shooting it? Pretty boy probably wasn’t.
    B. who are all these “people” who are supposed to be stopping addicts from using? Seems everytime one dies media ask the same question. “Where was the family? Etc… Addicts are often adults who have the right to OD, no matter how much we love them. (Unless you have a board certified fully licensed physician administering your drug of choice via IV, then responsibility must be shared)

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