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I told you back on May 21st that Jenny McCarthy was being considered for “The View.” Over the weekend I was told the deal was done. Today ABC made the announcement. Now “The View ” consists of Whoopi (who’s really a superior comedienne to McCarthy), Sherri Shepherd, and Barbara Walters, who’s on the way out. The show is lacking a journalist a la Meredith Vieira or someone from beyond simply the world of entertainment.

I’m told the addition of McCarthy may bring the idea of Brooke Shields coming to “The View” to an end. Back in February I was told Shields was definitely in. But during the spring, Shields told she’d never gotten an offer. Now it seems moot. Maybe they should put Elizabeth Vargas in charge of that show as Walters departs. At any rate, McCarthy will be fine as long as she doesn’t get into spouting her views on autism and vaccines.

With McCarthy we might get New Kids on the Block, adult version, as performers. Word in the tabloids is that she’s dating Donnie Wahlberg. But no Jim Carrey, that’s for sure.

McCarthy becomes the first co-host of “The View” to have posed topless for Playboy. After watching this video, I guess I will be tuning for more Hot Topics this fall.


jenny-mccarthy-americas-sweetheart-returns 1280×720 from etxea on Vimeo.

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  1. Of course she will talk about Autism and vaccines!
    She is well-spoken and well informed about them.

    I am excited to see her on the show.

  2. Roger,

    Whoopi should not even be compared to McCarthy in the world of comedy, as the former is an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar & Tony winner, while the latter got where she is by showing T&A!

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