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There’s a lot of speculation about that will happen on “Glee” now that Cory Monteith is gone. But fans and those who don’t know much about “Glee” (like me) should remember that Monteith missed the last three episodes of this past season anyway. He went into rehab on March 31st. His character, Finn, was last seen joining a fraternity at his college. Plot -wise, Finn was left in limbo with an ellipsis(three dots)…

So now what? The show could easily write him out altogether, with news of happiness and success away at school. A brief memorial montage would be suitable. I certainly hope “Glee” won’t kill Finn and stage a funeral. That would just be beyond exploitation. I doubt the actors or crew would elect to go through that ordeal.

Meanwhile, there’s still no adequate explanation for why Monteith was in a Vancouver hotel for six days. He wasn’t filming a show or movie. His girlfriend, Lea Michele, was on a separate vacation in Mexico. It’s a little peculiar that someone with lifelong substance abuse problems, who’d just spent a month in rehab and had missed three episodes of a network TV show consequently, was left to his own devices to like that.

More to come without a doubt…

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  1. Roger,

    The late Monteith was a 31-year-old grown man and one can’t babysit recovering addicts forever. We are all responsible for our own life choices and decisions. I feel for his family, obviously.

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