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“The Killing Season,” in which John Travolta tries out a ridiculous Serbian accent, was dead on arrival this weekend at the box office. Robert DeNiro was praised for his performance, but the movie overall was panned and no one wanted to see it. In 12 theatres “Killing Season” made a total of $25,000. Compare that to “Fruitvale Station” which was in 7 theatres and made $75,000. That’s the whole story right there. “Fruitvale,” rightly so, has taken off like gangbusters. “Killing Season” will eke out another week in theaters and head to video. The other big box office story was “Pacific Rim” finishing third in its first week behind “Despicable Me” and “Grown Ups 2.” This makes “Pacific Rim” another block-bust, which is different than a blockbuster.
“Pacific Rim” will have to depend solely on international sales to put it in the black. So far in the US it’s made $38 million, while abroad it’s done $38 mil. I fear for the studios when foreigners really start to understand English and realize these movies are all the same, just explosions with bad scripts.

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