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This is a total rumor but it’s enough of a spit-take that I thought I’d mention it. Madonna is said to be hosting a “bar mitzvah” tomorrow morning for son Rocco Ritchie. Rocco is not yet 13– his birthday is August 1st. And he’s not Jewish in any way. Those are the two requirements for bar mitzvah– to be 13 years of age and to be Jewish either born or converted.

Rocco’s father is Guy Ritchie, the director of “Sherlock Holmes” and “Snatch.” He is not Jewish. Moreover, Madonna Louise Ciccone Penn Ritchie was born Roman Catholic.

Of course, the service is said to be at the Kabbalah Center in New York. The Kabbalah Center isn’t a synagogue. It’s a pay-for-pray facility, a cult run by the Berg family. The Bergs– Karen and her two sons, Yehuda and Michael, are said to be in New York for the big occasion. No word on Karen’s boyfriend, Muki, or her not-seen-anymore husband Philip.

If Rocco is being “bar mitzvah”-ed, I can only imagine the ceremony: lithe dancers with headsets sinewing around the “bimah”– the stage– wearing all white– Kabbalah Center people wear all white. First, a Vogueing service. Then: A candle lighting ceremony in which Madonna’s boytoys like Brahim and Jesus are called to the front. And then everyone throws $26 red strings at Rocco. Copies of Madonna’s “Sex” book are given to guests as parting gifts. Sounds like fun.

Since my invite was lost in the mail, I won’t be in attendance. And I had a nice fountain pen all picked out for Rocco! I hope Mercy and David Banda, the children Madonna got in Malawi, try the kugel and someone from the singer’s family pinches their cheeks. And Madonna is lifted up during “Hava Negillah” in an expensive antique chair.

Or maybe none of this is true, it’s just Tevye’s nightmare from indigestion.



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  1. Kabbalah centre of New York is a money hungry CULT. the founder, berg, an ex-salesman said that he has the secret for us to live in good health forever. But he died a sick cripple. Yet so many gullible people go there to listen to lies covered as truth.

  2. I praise Madonna for taking part in a ritual celebration of her son’s spiritual entrance into manhood. Who cares if all rules aren’t followed – it’s a time of joy for Madonna and her family and not something to be denigrated and to be made into a joke.

  3. There is no Kabbalah Shabbat. This is fake Judaism. And it’s dangerous. I have plenty of stories from non celebrity members about what has gone with Karen Bergs private army of helpers. If Rocco and Lola can have bar mitzvah then so could my cat.

  4. Rocco’s Gregorian bday is Aug 11th not 1st. He also has a Kabbalah bday calculated by the Kabbalah calendar. Lola had a Bat Mitvah in 2008 at age 12. Do a little research on Kabbalah which , btw, is not a pay for pray cult nor is it sinister in any way as you seem to imply. It’s quite possible Rocco will have a Bar Mitvah during a Kabbalah Shabbat . Exactly when is another story!

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