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Justin Timberlake does a clever mini Michael Jackson tribute in his new single “Take Back the Night” from “20/20” part 2 due September 30. It comes in at around 2:30 here. Listen — “Wanna Be Starting Something” and a line about “Michael Jackson/can drive you crazy.” Nicely done. Between this single, JT’s first 20/20 album and “Get Lucky,” it’s really the summer of 1978 all over again. Disco lives. I never thought that would happen. But it’s like a breath of fresh air. This reminds me of George Benson’s “Give me the Night.”

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  1. Timberlake preforms what he’s told to do by his “handlers”. He is NOT honoring Jackson, he’s dissing him “They” ruined Jacksons image and then eliminated him. Michael was breaking from “their” control. You know, MK-Ultra and “their” Freemason/Illuminiti pack of dogs. One day Timberlake will do his “suicide” when “They” are done with him. Fame and riches are very costly.

  2. Funny how people now speak highly of a guy, who while he was in In sync, was sometimes trashed as gay, untalented, high pitched girly voice and so on which usually happens to any attractive teen idol such as Bieber to whom he almost became the manager but lost out to Usher. But he deserves praise for conducting himself in a classy way and his music is good.

  3. I remember when it was a sin to sound like another artist. Originality was the name of the game. Now, if you don’t sound just like a classic artist or your song doesn’t sound like a previous hit you cant get radio. Go underground people,that’s where all the good music is. Don’t get me wrong, I like JT cuz he’s positive and that’s rare.

  4. Timberlake’s been ripping of Jackson his whole career. Just please go away you cant act you cant sing and you need other people to write “music” for you.

  5. Waiting for LaToya, Janet, Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie and Tito Timberlake to come along.

    The song is clearly attempting to recapture the era of MJ and many others from the late 70’s.

    This fails to match it, largely because it’s a facsimile. Timberlake’s natural talent doesn’t lend itself well to the style. And Quincy Jones’s masterful production style, and a cadre of mega-talented studio musicians, not drum machines and bad synthesizers.

    It’s weak. As much as I enjoyed the music of that byegone era, it cannot be recreated by technology and weak creative intent.

    Why listen to this when you can hear the original, digitally remastered music from the real geniuses of the era. Sorry JT, you ain’t got “stuff like that”.

  6. Huh? There is no mention of Michael Jackson or Wanna Be Startin Something in this song. Not sure where you are getting that…..of course though he sounds like MJ.

  7. I think whoever posted this needs to stop listening on his iPhone. He doesn’t say Michael Jackson can drive you crazy. He says “attraction, can drive you crazy”.

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