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“King of Queens” star Leah Remini has reportedly left — er, escaped– Scientology. The New York Post took credit for the scoop but they got it from Tony Ortega’s fascinating blog. (www.tonyortega.org) The former Village Voice editor is writing a book about Scientology and keeps up with it at an amazing clip.

Remini apparently grew disaffected from Scientology after questioning leader David Miscavige about many things including his long-missing wife, Shelly Miscavige. Remini’s exit is major because Scientology keeps a tight grip on celebrity members and uses them to attract new members. They’re also the cult’s big money makers, donating millions.

It could be that Remini, who’s been off TV for a while, isn’t as important to Miscavige anymore. Ortega says that at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s wedding in 2006, Remini questioned Miscavige regarding his wife’s whereabouts. After the wedding she filed a “report” on Miscavige, and was then punished.

Remini now joins Oscar winning director Paul Haggis, actor Jason Beghe and possible Lisa Marie Presley on the list of celebs who’ve made it over the wall. Remini faces some obstacles because her mother, sisters, and stepfather remain deeply embedded in Scientology. The cult forces members to “disconnect” from exiles and have nothing to do with them again. So if she’s actually made the break, Remini is tremendously brave.

Stay tuned because there’s more…

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