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I’m no fan of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. But her departure from “The View” on Wednesday was really a matter of “Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?” ABC announced that she was leaving at 7pm on Tuesday, well after every deadline had passed and when most web reporters on the East Coast thought they were done for the day.

The next morning, Hasselbeck not only announced she was leaving “The View” for Fox, but was leaving at that very moment. It was mid week, mid month, and right in the middle of sweeps. Couldn’t they have had her finish out July? The show goes ‘dark’ until Labor on July 31st.

But Hasselbeck’s exit was long in coming. I told you in March that she was out when Joy Behar announced she, too, was going from “The View.” When the news about Hasselbeck broke, Barbara Walters announced on the show that it wasn’t true, sort of. She said if her co-hosts wanted to leave they could, and they would announce it in their own time.

I filed this item: http://www.showbiz411.com/2013/03/11/the-view-elisabeth-hasselbeck-gets-short-reprieve-to-come-up-with-an-out

I can tell you that the people with “The View” have been waiting patiently for Hasselbeck to make her own announcement. And when she did, they didn’t hesitate to remove her right away. Watching her farewell speech was astonishing. In a way, it was worse than Ann Curry’s infamous exit from “Today.” The look on Bill Geddie’s face was priceless. And I did love Hasselbeck calling Sherri Shepherd “my sister in Christ.” Shepherd hadn’t even bothered to come in that day.

And as far as Barbara Walters saying they were going to “take their time” replacing Hasselbeck: both Brooke Shields and Jenny McCarthy have been under consideration since March. There won’t be empty seats at the desk when “The View” returns in September.


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  1. Used to have the View on for staff and patients, nice to have at least one person not in the chorus to induce drama and discussion. Why do liberals only want to hear their views echoed? Liz was outspoken on her issues, didn’t agree with her a lot, but it’s refreshing to hear a young woman stand up and challenge liberal elites and express herself. My staff no longer wants to watch Ellen either funnily enough. Really should try to appeal to the general population instead of 50% at best. Throw conservatives a bone and they will throw $’s into your jar. Really shouldn’t be a single network for open opinion, really miss the old CNN, Larry King and Chris Mathews. Now I have to watch RT, al-jazzers, internet to get divergent viewpoints.

  2. Who cares that this writer can’t stand Hasselback on the View. Its a putrid gossip show anyway. That he even entertains it with any respect at all tells you all you need to know about this writer.

  3. It’s about time. If I wanted to listen to what a conservative has to say, I’ll watch Fox. I tune on The View to hear people who agree with me, and think like me.

    I don’t “do” dissent from what I think is right.

  4. the only reason that I watch the view is because Elizabeth(a smart, beautiful, respect and speak out for people that can’t).

    Good bye The View.

  5. Nothing but moronic ideology, from right wing ass’s. FOX a network thats main money making shows are disgusting animated features of one liners jokes about abortions,homosexuality and explicit humor, then report on one sided extreme right views. Can someone say Hypocrisy, Its okay to make money from scum as long as you pretend you have no association with that kind of filth.(Family Guy, American Dad, The Clevland Show etc)

  6. They were formed under extreme heat, “wayne”. No heat even approaching that temperature was ever extant in those 3 Towers, which were quite obviously taken down via a Controlled Demolition.

    And nice spelling, Slick.

  7. HA HA HA HA HA……so someone you didn’t agree with left the show and you were happy to see her go? Smells like intolerance to me.

  8. I did not know The View was still on the air. Who are the brain-dead pointed-headed liberal people that still watch it! They certainly are not republicans, because republicans are too smart and have very high standards. I look forward to seeing Elizabeth on Fox, the best and number one cable network.

  9. BET is the next move. Barbara should have stayed gone before her face falls off. I haven’t watched since Elizabeth’s departure. Now they are considering a whacky sluty and a no talent idiot as replacements.

  10. who in their right mind would be on the same show with all the liberals…rosie who couldnt belive that the steel beams would melt (how do you think they formed them) whoopie…thats a sicko since she hasnt been in any movies. another charter is the red headed puke. good luck elizabeth….you will be teated fairly at fox.

  11. well another viewer will no longer watch the view apparently that tv show does want to share any
    ones view except the extreme left forget about a fair view of things if you do not agree with
    them you get fired, average america is not as dumb as you think we are, if you think we believe
    elizabeth left of her own accord you really do believe we are dumb and barbara walters
    has lost all the respect i had for her, at the very least i thought she always willing to hear

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