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UPDATE: Sir Elton emailed us: “I still have the appendix.Have done nine concerts and our Summer Ball with a burst Appendix.I am SO lucky.”

Earlier: Poor Elton John! He really is eternally youthful. He still has his appendix! But now he has appendicitis, and so his European tour has been cancelled, as well as a big date in Hyde Park in London. Anyone who knows Sir Elton knows that he loves to do shows, and hates to miss one. But what can he do? After a round of antibiotics, those appendix must come out. Luckily he has the National Health, and all of it will be free. So we wish him a speedy recovery. And he will get to spend time with his two little boys and partner David Furnish, so it’s not a loss. PS The Elton John AIDS Foundation received its 8th in a row 4 star rating from Charity Navigator today. Congrats! In Sir Elton’s honor, make a donation today www.ejaf.org

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  1. Complete cr*pola: if he had a “burst appendix,” taking it out now would be like closing the barn door after the cow has left the barn.
    He has something else wrong.

  2. In the beginning the appendix becomes infected and inflamed. It then later bursts. Once it bursts you have to be operated on or you could die. Before it bursts you are in a lot of pain and feel ill. By reading the article, I would say Elton John’s appendix had not burst yet. With antibiotics it may heal and not ever burst but it is a good idea to have it removed to be on the safe side.

  3. I really don’t think Elton did shows with a ruptured appendix. He has appendicitis. Its inflamed and could burst if unattended to.

  4. Dude, once your appendix bursts, you don’t have a long time to seek medical attention. The pain involved would prohibit playing a piano, so I definitely think Elton is stretching the truth around the block.

  5. I always heard that if your appendix burst, you only had a limited amount of time to get to the hospital before peritonitis set in.

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