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This is just a rumor, heard around town in New York law firms. The rumor is that someone from “Mad Men”–not necessarily Don Draper, but maybe Pete and who knows?– will meet his end in a Chevy Vega at the series’ end. As fans know, Sterling Cooper has been working on the Vega account. The car hasn’t become a model yet in late 1968. When the sixth season just ended, “Mad Men” was coming to the end of ’68.

It’s presumed that the show picks up in 1969. But again, no one knows. And that’s significant because 1971 was the launch of the Vega, which got great reviews and Car of the Year awards. Unfortunately it was a better ad campaign than a car. Vega owners had numerous problems, and there were lots of accidents. The car’s run ended in 1977.

The story I heard is that a New York law firm is working out the details with Lions Gate for someone in the agency to perish with a Vega. Bob Benson would be the excellent choice. And ironic since he forced his way on to the account and made Pete look stupid in the process. Chevy has already gotten kicked around like crazy by “Mad Men.” It could be they’re trying to protect themselves.


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