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Jimmy Fallon is getting ready for the big time. The star of “Late Night” will move to the “Tonight” show starting next February. So the former “Saturday Night Live” player is upping his game considerably. I’m told Fallon has hired Lee Eastman and his father, John, of the famed Eastman and Eastman firm. John Eastman, whose late sister Linda was married to Paul McCartney until her tragic death in 1998, has been representing the Beatle since before the group broke up in 1970.

John Eastman’s late father, the first Lee Eastman, was considered a genius for buying up song catalogs. The Eastmans are considered the creme de la creme in the cut throat music business. They rescued Billy Joel from some dire circumstances years ago, as well. Fallon has also picked up Claire Mercuri, Joel’s long time rep as his new publicist. Now with the right people in place, Fallon looks unstoppable as he tunes up his guitar for a winter re-birth. If you can tell, I am a huge of Fallon’s show. It’s smart and sophisticated while still  reaching a mass audience. And the guy isn’t even 40 yet.

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