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The New Yorker magazine has gone where almost no one has dared to go before. The new cover depicts Bert and Ernie from “Sesame Street” lovingly watching the Supreme Court on TV rule in favor of gay marriage. Bert and Ernie gay? When director Peter Spears went there in his 2002 short film “Ernest and Bertram,” Childrens’ Television Workshop shut him down instantly. I know because I was in the new yorker coveraudience at the Eccles Theater at Sundance the one and only time it was shown. I wrote about it a few minutes later. CTW sent a cease and desist letter over copyright violation. I’d be surprised if CTW doesn’t do the same for The New Yorker. Anyway. it turns out “Ernest and Bertram” has been on YouTube all this time. Here it is. And frankly more timely than ever:

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  1. Greg Folnari,, what did you mean by “being done with all of them [christians]? Are you advocating mass murder? You homos are the last ones to talk about tolerance.

  2. Wow, such vitriol. I guess it is no suprise that the Drudge Report readers miss the point of the movie so widely that they inadvertantly reinforce Spears premise.

    Nice Dark short..

  3. I wonder if Disney could come up with a New Yorker-looking movie short where Snow White reaffirms her sexual preference for a Prince and not a Princess. It’s time our kids get a balanced look at this sensitive issue.

  4. What’s sickening here is the comments written by so-called Christian and most assuredly right-wing homophobes. They simply cannot stand the fact that their children are born Gay at the same percentage as the general population, and will sacrifice their own family’s well-being for their twisted and repulsive beliefs in the sky-fairy. I say bedone with all of them. Once and for all, the planet needs to rid itself of their beliefs, the rules they attempt to impose on us all, and their silly ritualistic human sacrifice (communion).

  5. Sick, sick, sick! Why do homosexuals always go after the kids? The Boy Scouts. Adoption. Pushing this sick lifestyle choice in grade schools. And now Sesame Street. Shame on the New Yorker for stooping to an all time low. WTH are you thinking? Wait. I don’t even want to know.

  6. PBS had the scandal of the child-abuser, plus the scandal that that Frog actor won three Emmys without any objection from Sesame Street and PBS. It would be appropriate for the federal government to stop subsidizing such shows. Note that BBC had the ongoing scandal of the star of children’s TV turning out to be a pedophile. And their own ombudsman bawled out BBC for its Palestinian bias in a nation where the academics have tried to dissuade anyone from accepting a fellowship to teach or do research in Israel.

  7. It was never released, publicized or spoken of again. I’m not sure CTW knew it was up on YouTube. I don’t think it’s parody. It’s pretty grim. They could argue that it undermines their brand, which is aimed solely at children.

  8. Give it a rest, both are mupposexuals! Geez, gays will twist ANYTHING to meet their activist agenda. Leave the kiddies alone!

  9. So, you say: “Childrens’ Television Workshop shut him down instantly” Then say: “…it turns out “Ernest and Bertram” has been on YouTube all this time.” That’s some good investigative sporting you’ve done there, Mr. Friedman.

    Are you not familiar with “parody?”

  10. What is with the left loving to out closet gay celebrities? And then the video blames the “religious right”. Pathetic on many levels.

  11. CTW, the CREAToRS of Bert and. Ernie have repeatedly stated that the characters are best friends. Gay people just can t get it through their heads that guys can be friends without engaging in anal sex._ (

  12. Give it a few years and they will be fellating one another on the show, and oral sex techniques will be taught in every public school in American. They won’t be able to read or write, but who cares about that?

  13. Regardless how one feels about same-sex marriage, using child TV characters as props for the obvious purpose of propagandizing a sexuality issue to young children is mentally disordered and reveals a remarkable degree of hatred toward children and their parents.

  14. Another piece of life flipped on its head and it is I that has to change. This is done by my forgetting about what I have lost. Though, the straight Bert and Ernie will always remain fond memories from my childhood. I am sorry they have been queered now. I am sorry that the lovely word “Gay” has been lost from the lexicon. I am sorry about many things that eveidence our decline….The West has always played around with homosexual rights; from Suetonius describing the screams heard throughout the Imperial Palace, made by the Emperor Nero pretending to be a young maiden being deflowered on his wedding night to a young Roman patrician boy. It was weird then, hence the ancient account of the evening and it is all still weird (or queer) today.

  15. I knew Bert and Ernie were supposed to be gay as a pre-schooler in the early seventies. The Children’s Television Workshop efforts to silence anyone else who points this out is hypocritical, to say the least. They must believe only they may allude to homosexuality for the purposes of social engineering and anyone else that says Bert and Ernie are gay are committing a hate crime. How progressive of them.

  16. Just plain and simple: Disgusting! You don’t cross that line! Doesn’t matter what cultural difference there are, but you don’t go after children and involve them in something that has no place in their worlds. These people at the New Yorker are just disgusting almost like pedophiles and shame on them to bring the whole “straigt VS gay” discussion to that level. What’s the next level from here?

  17. These people won’t be happy until they show them sodomizing each other on Sesame Street. Honestly, this is why people have such an aversion to the Gay Hollywood Mafia. Enough.

  18. “The New Yorker magazine has gone where almost no one has dared to go before.” Except for a thousand people a day, every day, on facebook. Congrats to the New Yorker for convincing you this was new, edgy, and original!

  19. bert and ernie aren’t gay. they’re just friends. Sesame Street has made this clear multiple times. this Peter Spears character is trying to make a name for himself by ripping of established characters and making them into something they’re not. frankly, he should be sued.

  20. “Frankly”, you and any other sickos that want to see homosexuality in a CHILDREN’S program are disgusting. A children’s program has nothing to do with sex or sexual orientation and most folks are glad for that. Take your homosexual propoganda to an adult audience and leave the innocent to their cartoons and muppets.

  21. I hope children, especially pre-schoolers are shown this video. It will do more than promote tolerance of same sex couples–it can influence the way children choose their sexuality. Only when homosexuals outnumber heterosexuals will true equality be achieved. We must start with the children.

  22. I think this is more reason to stop funding the PBS sacred cow known as Sesame Street. They have always been bigoted toward white people and now it seems we are all going to have a dose of political correctness paid for by our tax dollars.

    I raised my children with a lot of help from Sesame Street. Both were ardent fans at a very young age and I wouldn’t allow them to watch much else. Now I wouldn’t allow them to watch Sesame Street either. They are funded as an educational program. They were never meant to be a political correctness pulpit. I sat by while they encouraged multicultural values for everyone except white people. They would list every culture on earth and celebrate them but never a word about white culture. That made them bigots. Now they are becoming worse. I would feel like I was encouraging my kids to become Hitler Youth. Your PC thinking doesn’t impress me. Homosexuality is a sin and it always will be no matter how many think it isn’t. My grandchildren will never watch that program at my house because they don’t need to learn about things that are diametrically opposed to my views. God is real and what He says goes. All I can say is Sesame Street must be located in Sodom. It’s time we stopped paying for this garbage. They make money on their own. They don’t need my money to teach my children to turn their backs on God. I can hear the cries of “homophobe” already. Well too bad. SS has been bigoted for decades. It’s time someone pointed that out. I’m sick of their America hating and their Christian disdain and I’m dead tired of paying for it.

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