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Director Roland Emmerich– who’s got the bewildering “White House Down” coming out Friday– tells the New York Daily News that Will Smith won’t be in the “Independence Day” sequel. He’s too expensive. And Emmerich says Smith told him he wanted to do other things. Oh really? Like what? “After Earth 2”? “Eight Pounds”? The fact is: Will Smith has not had a hit in a long time. “After Earth” and “Seven Pounds” were insufferable. The best thing he could do, frankly, is get himself into “ID4, Part 2” ASAP. For Smith, the thing he must do now is reconnect with his audience. They’re about to move on without him. Can it happen? Ask Eddie Murphy or Tom Cruise. Audiences change with new generations. “After Earth” did a lot of damage to Smith’s popularity. And “ID4” is beloved. Emmerich may have gotten lost on “WHD” but he knows these initials– “ID4” — a lot better. Smith could do a lot worse than cut his price and jump onto a popular project. Urgggh.

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  1. Roger, Independence Day was 17 years ago! Do you still want to be retreading things you were working on a decade and a half ago? And while After Earth was a dud, Hancock, I Am Legend, and MIB3 made over $600 million worldwide. He has three other films set for release between now and next year, including the Uptown Saturday Night remake. One bad film does not kill a career like his. Let another young and up and coming actor have the opportunity to breakout with this film. Will could still cameo.

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