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Remember, Oprah Winfrey said she didn’t want the ABC soaps. She sent out a YouTube video last year telling her fans why soaps were dead and she wasn’t interested in buying “One Life to Live” and “All My Children.” But then a funny thing happened. Oprah, looking for ratings, bought Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and Have Nots.” Perry’s prime time soap pulled bigger ratings than anything ever on OWN.

Last week “The Have Nots” pulled 1.77 million total viewers– a million more than Oprah’s own show on the network. And the network doubled its order for episodes. Suddenly Oprah needs more soaps. Soaps work. What a surprise. So now, for relatively nothing, she’s bringing “AMC”and “OLTL” to OWN on July 15th. If they work, and I think they will, the shows will stay on OWN– and Oprah will look for more soaps they can add to their line up. Maybe she can convince Procter & Gamble to revive the shows they carelessly killed off.

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  1. OPRAH doesn’t need the money nor the viewers… She did however realize that Tyler Perry is a genius and this would and should be under his watchful eyes…& I KNOW that these two shows will only benefit from this new venture…. If the Tyler Perry puts his finger into these shows…. they are going to do nothing but improve improve improve!!!! also for the bubble viewers… this will bring them to a better place- to OWN and they will perhaps grow and learn as they begin to watch O’s other programs… why do so many people think that O needs money…. think about it.
    She doesn’t!!!

  2. For those, who feel Ms. Oprah Winfrey should apologize to the fans. I think you are way off with that one. I am not even a big Oprah fan. But let’s be fair, ABC cancelled both “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” The “OWN” cable channel was a new venture. And Ms. Winfrey along with her Business Associates were not able to take on such a gamble. I really DO NOT, believe that ABC would have made it easy for the “OWN” team. (To buy the two programs)

    Everything happens for a reason. Both drama’s, now belong to “Prospect Park’s” TOLN. We should be GRATEFUL that both shows have been saved. And the fact that the OWN channel,has had a change of heart. And wants to give the programs a TRIAL SUMMER RUN should be a joyous occasion for us all.

  3. So happy that Oprah has put AMC and OLTL in her lineup. There were a lot of unhappy fans out there. Maybe we will be able to watch in Canada now too without having to pay ITunes….Thank you Oprah!

  4. Should we say “WE TOLD YOU SO OPRAH?” The fans know! We are the ones who support them! If they do go on OWN, I will be right there watching!

  5. I am glad they are showing AMC and OLTL during the day when they originally used to air on ABC. I wish they could repeat them at night ( maybe an hour at a time) so working people without internet can watch them as well.

  6. We kept her arse in the 80’s . Made her who she is today. And when we begged her to SOS, she not only she not only turned her back on us.She patronized us as she did it. NEVER OPRAH!!!!
    Prospect Park !!!! !WE Love You!!!

  7. Oprah was fed a bunch of misinformation when ABC canceled the two soaps, the same info they fed all of us. One reason they claim was nobody was watching in the 1 and 2PM time slots. I guess that’s why they moved GH to 2 after the show that replaced OLTL got canceled. I for one will never ever watch anything on ABC that airs at the 1 or 2 time slots.

  8. Finally she as come to her senses, and yes, it took The Have and The Have Nots to shake it up. I love this show and can’t wait for AMC to be back on network tv

  9. It’s too late. They’re just not the same, it took to long to get them back and very few of my favorites came back because they went on with their lives rather that wait to see if anyone ELSE wanted to decide their fate FOR them.

  10. Thank you, Oprah, for bringing AMC and OLTL to more viewers via OWN! Please consider bringing back reruns of the wild and crazy soap Passions from the beginning. It aired on NBC from mid 1999 until 2007 when it then went to DirecTV for it’s final year. It is beloved by millions of fans worldwide, and we’d all be so very grateful to have this terrific soap back on TV again.

  11. I enjoyed watching on my laptop any time of day I chose, but this is fine. Maybe they will extend back to 5 days or one hour shows if all goes well. I heard they will be half hour 4 days a week on 1pm and 3pm. ( would have been nicer one after the other, but we’ll take it, lol)

  12. It’s great that OWN will be a place where people that do not have computers or internet can watch reruns of the AMC and OLTL episodes. However, Oprah is not doing anything to revive these soaps. Prospect Park and The OnLine Network revived them and have been delivering great shows online at Hulu.com since April 29th. NEW episodes will continue to be posted there during the 10 weeks that OWN will be showing reruns. I hope that PP/TOLN decides to work an agreement with OWN to keep showing reruns, but it will be THEIR decision, not Oprah’s. If the ratings are big, there might be some other cable channels that might want to bid on airing the shows :)

  13. Thanks Oprah no apology needed. RE: the above comment. I am just happy to know you are going to bring AMC back. Hulu is ok but still not the same as tv.

  14. This is a carelessly written article. OWN could never have financially made producing a daily soap work. It picked up the websoaps because it doesn’t have to incur production costs; it picked up the second runs of these shows for a song. Highly unlikely that they’d be able to finance a revival of any of the other soaps.

  15. that’s actually WRONG information. Her interview with Lance brought in more #’s than anything. As in 4.3 MILLION! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  16. I vote for bringing back Guiding Light!!!!!! Please Oprah, I would watch OWN 24/7 if you brought back my favorite soap addiction.

  17. It’s good that AMC & OLTL will be on OWN. However for Oprah to tweet she heard us is insulting to all the soap fans who begged her to save AMC & OLTL. Let’s be real Oprah is doing this for Oprah.

  18. I think its great and I hope they do well on OWN.. I will even try and watch more on her network…Thanks Oprah I and my friends thank you very much….

  19. I think Oprah has an apology to make to AMC & OLTL fans before she’ll see success with these soaps. I think Hulu will continue to have the fans loyalty. she might want to try ATWT & GL..lol

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