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Uh-oh. It does look like Mariah Carey is postponing the release of her new album. It was due for release on July 23rd, with the single “#Beautiful.” But Carey just announced on Twitter that she’s not ready. Whoops. Island Def Jam had been poised for the release.

All day I was trying to get three different people on the phone– not about this. They were all weirdly tied up. Now I see that their respective silences all had to do with this. There had been a big problem with this album. No title. Every time I asked, there was a vague answer. I actually suggested, as a joke, “Meezus.” Anyway a title went viral on Twitter but the label told me it wasn’t correct.

Hmmm….Keep updating. This is going to get interesting. This is just a guess but I do think that Mariah wants to keep singing hip hop while others around her are imploring her to sing more songs like “Beautiful.” They would be correct. What Mariah doesn’t have his an album that showcases her voice a la “Vision of Love.” “#Beautiful” is a step in that direction. She needs to– as they say– throw down. There is no record of her doing classics, whether American songbook (Ella, Sarah) or R&B (Aretha, Gladys). The time is now.


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  1. I love #Beautiful, too. I just hope the album comes from the heart and she doesn’t feel the need to appease every crowd. Her best albums (Mariah Carey, Daydream, Butterfly, and The Emancipation of Mimi) were Mariah doing Mariah. If the delay means more stacked vocals, delay away. My favorite Mariah hooks, and the ones that have stood the test of time (“Can’t Let Go,” “All I Want For Christmas,” “Fantasy,” “Always Be My Baby,” “Babydoll”) are where it’s at.

  2. Looking forward to it very much! I would love it if the whole thing were in the classic vein of #B. Big muah to Roger and Gina for the info

  3. Please tell Mariah to minimise the amount of hip hop , she’s not a rapper at that was another era! She is a singer songwriter , she doesn’t need any gimmicks . She can’t see that all we need is her voice and lyrics that say something!

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