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There will never be the hoped for “Sopranos” reunion movie now. Sadly, it can’t happen ever as the star, James Gandolfini, is gone. But there was a “Sopranos” reunion of a sort, and it’s just available on DVD. “Nicky Deuce” aired on Nickelodeon last month, based on a children’s book by one of the show’s stars, Steve Schirripa. The movie features Gandolfini, Michael Imperioli, Schirripa, Vincent Curatola and Tony Sirico as cute mobsters. A high school kid is sent to live with his uncle (Schirripa) who may be involved in mob activities. It’s like a light hearted version or a send up of “The Sopranos.” Curatola, who played Johnny Sack, told me yesterday that the gang got together at the end of May to promote the film. “We had a great time. Jimmy was in a great mood,” he said. “Nicky Deuce” is available on DVD now, although Nickolodeon hasn’t said a word about it. But it does mark the one and only “Sopranos” reunion on film, a nice footnote to the famed series.

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