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Friday evening: Paula Deen was fired by the Food Network for using the ‘n’ word and admitting to social behavior that was never tolerable, but only explainable before the Civil War.

Earlier: Yikes. I am admittedly late to this Paula Deen story. I know she’s had a lot of problems in the last couple of years. But this latest is kind of stunning. She’s posted a video apology on YouTube which follows. I’ve also made a link for the infamous court transcript that started all of this. Here’s the thing: I know nothing about this woman. Zero. Is she drunk? Out of her mind? Or this just the same as with Helen Thomas? Is Paula Deen just voicing what she really believes? I guess so. It’s just completely unacceptable, all of it. But America rewards celebrities who say and do heinous things (hello, Mel Gibson). We make them rich and tolerate their atrociousness. Deen seems desperate now. She knows her business is wrecked.


Here’s the video:

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