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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (only claim to fame: her father was OJ Simpson’ s lawyer and best friend) have taken the wrong direction with their baby’s name. It’s North West. No kidding. According to reports, and of course, how wrong can they be? Someone had suggested Kaidence, which would have been preferable. But this may be a pre-arranged tie in with Northwest Airlines for an endorsement since K’s mother is clever at getting those deals done. Southwest Airlines doesn’t even have seat reservations. And Northwest does fly to some key cities.

Of course they could have named the baby Honey West, after the TV series which starred the late great Anne Francis. I liked Wild West, but that would be emphasizing the obvious since the baby is already said to be guaranteed coverage in 12 years on TMZ and other tabloids.

One suggestion was Mid West, but that seemed too bland, and the K’s were afraid people would just fly over her.

Another choice was Sho West, because you know she’s going to be a movie star. Many get their starts at Sho West, where clips of new films are played for distributors.

But North West it is, which means many summer vacations in the Pacific Rim. And what if this young lady develops like her mother? North West could have Twin Peaks.


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