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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s eldest son Maddox plays a kid zombie in “World War Z.” But you won’t see him in the movie unless you look very closely. “They didn’t want to show children zombies in the movie,” Brad told me at the London premiere of “WWZ.” “So we filmed him in the shadows.” It’s just as well, those zombies have some bad dental problems!

Maddox and brother Pax were the stars of the London premiere, zipping around with friends and having a ball. Did the movie scare them? Not at all, they said. They’re kids. They’ve seen worse!

So far “World War Z” is holding its own critics-wise, with the really smart and tough guys– Richard Corliss of Time, and the hard to please Rex Reed of the New York Observer–send in positive reviews. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 74% today as “World War Z” heads to its Friday opening.

Meantime, Paramount Pictures is keeping its expectations in check for the opening weekend after “Man of Steel” and “Iron Man 3” broke records. “World War Z” is not going to break records. “It’s not a brand name yet and it’s not a franchise,” explained one insider. “So you have to remember it’s an original movie. A $40 million opening would be terrific.”


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  1. I saw the movie last night in a special screening over at Paramount. It was pretty entertaining, but at the same time i was kind of dumbfounded. How could they make such an expensive movie without any other “name” actors, or even known tv or character actors?

    It was pretty strange when the one actor they have in a minor support role was edited and shot to be unrecognizable, that actor was Matthew Fox. Not a box office star, but it is indicative of the many choices the director and producers made. While entertaining, it did feel lacking in emotion, grit. The momentum from the relentless chase and being on the move carried the action, not the character depth. in that dept, there was none.

    but heck, it was a good ride nonetheless.

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