Home Celebrity Charlie Sheen Ousts Female Co-Star of “Anger Management”

It’s been made official. Charlie Sheen, ever fun to work with, has ousted his female co-star from his TV show. Selma Blair played Charlie’s love interest on the F/X show “Anger Management.” But apparently Charlie’s anger, and the fact that he’s management, were enough to kick Blair off the show. Blair, according to reports, had voiced displeasure with Sheen’s work habits (just do a search on Sheen and “Two and a Half Men”). Instead of conceding what an ass he can be, Sheen made LionsGate terminate her. Blair has a great reputation– well, she doesn’t need defending. This is Charlie Sheen. His misbehavior in Hollywood reaps him millions and millions.

PS Sheen plays a therapist on the show.

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