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Queen Elizabeth’s birthday awards this weekend went to a varied bunch. Ten time Oscar nominee Roger Deakins, a master cinematographer, was knighted with Commander of the British Empire. How is it Deakins has never won an Oscar? This last year, he was nominated for “Skyfall.” Well, the Queen has made it up to him. Now Joel and Ethan Coen will have to call him Sir Roger. (I’ve asked them to call me that but they don’t!)

Also on the Queen’s list: “Hollywood Wives” novelist Jackie Collins, who is just about the most fun person on the West Coast from the British Isles, got an OBE. So did Adele, who didn’t have to wait very long, and singer-songwriter P.J. Harvey.

Sculptor Anish Kapoor, fine artist Albert Irvin, actors Claire Bloom, Rowan Atkinson, and Julian Glover, and producer-director Michael John Attenborough, “Gandhi” director Richard–and also director of the famed Almeida Theater– were also cited by the Queen.

Joan Collins received her own OBE in 1997. Reports today she immediately sent congrats to Jackie. The sisters are very close, are probably among the few siblings with Queen’s awards. Not bad!

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