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“Mad Men” just ended. The big news is that Bob Benson was revealed, I won’t say how yet. Suffice to say that thanks to Duck, checking for Pete on Bob’s background, Pete is back. Bob will be Pete’s bucket boy now, which should be interesting. Meanwhile, Sally wants to go to boarding school and has an interview–with overnight stay–at Miss Porter’s. Her line, “My father has never done anything for me,” will live in infamy. Sally may turn out to be Don’s greatest enemy.

Elsewhere, the “Rosemary’s Baby” commercial doesn’t sound like such a great idea for St. Joseph’s aspirin for children. But it did draw more out of the Peggy-Ted relationship. The pause in the room when Don said Ted’s reasons for the commercial were personal– the longest pause in recent TV history. Who didn’t worry about what Don was going to say?

Was Don home watching reruns of “The Patty Duke Show” during the day? It was long off the air by 1968 as a first run show.

And then: Ken getting shot by the Chevy execs during the first segment was also a little mini soap opera, but cleverly done. Joan imitating the old Jewish lady for the commercial pitch was hilarious.

There are so many loose strands to tie up. It’s hard to believe next week is the last episode of the penultimate season. Can 14 episodes more after that really bring “Mad Men” to a satisfactory close?  And can we wait until next March? Painful.

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  1. “The Patty Duke Show” was repeated on WPIX – 11 in NYC every afternoon. 1968? Not sure – possibly. When did it end its first run on ABC – ’66?.

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