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MONDAY 12AM: The worldwide total is $197 mil all in since Thursday. Hats off to Warner Bros. They did it.

SUNDAY 12:30PM update: “Man of Steel” did $113 mil estimated Fri-Sun, plus $12mil from Thurs. Add another $25 mil foreign. There will indeed be a sequel, perhaps next time with a third act.

EARLIER The Superman reboot “Man of Steel” took in $44 million on Friday according to boxofficemojo.com. That includes $9 million from midnight showings, which means it did a solid $35 mil on Friday night. The total is now $56 million including $12 mil on Thursday night from WalMart screenings.

But the $44 mil makes it the 20th biggest Friday opening, maybe the biggest ever for Flag Day, and maybe the biggest ever for a second Friday in June following a Thursday with a lot of rain.

Warner Bros. tied “Man of Steel” to every product they could think of including razor blades and the Sears catalog. They’re going to have a $120-$140 mil weekend in the US, and much more abroad where the mind numbing aspects of Zack Snyder’s film won’t be so obvious in other languages.

Mixed to bad reviews didn’t harm the bottom line. But next weekend, “World War Z” appears, and will take a lot of the wind from Superman’s cape. The families of the creators of “Superman” must be very proud. But of course, thanks to many lawsuits, they get just about nothing out of this other than pride.

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