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I know the tabs and TMZ and Randy Jackson will be disappointed, but Paris Jackson will not be attending a family wedding in Encino this weekend. Paris’s cousin Taj Jackson is getting married at the Jacksons’ now abandoned former HQ, the Havenhurst house in Encino owned by Michael Jackson’s estate. But Paris is staying at UCLA Medical Center where she is undoubtedly getting some needed rest and learning how to deal with life in a complex world. I keep reading crazy stories and posts either in TMZ or the New York Post that are far, far from the mark. But there’s a fine line here dealing with a 15 year old, her mother, and their family. While it might be great to drive traffic off this story, it also might be more prudent to let this kid alone. I’m still not sure why Katherine Jackson or guardian TJ haven’t pulled down Paris’s Twitter account. PS Mrs. Jackson, Prince, and Blanket will attend.

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  1. So, Friedman says ‘it might be more prudent to leave the kid alone’. Duh. Duh. Give the guy a Pulitzer Prize for stating the obvious. He lightly mocks his competitors at TMZ and the NY Pest, who wouldn’t know an ethic if they tripped over it, but I wonder what he tries to educate his ‘colleagues’ about injecting some humanity and human decency in their tabloid reporting? Guess humanity/decency and tabloidism are mutually exclusive. Sorry I brought it up, Friedman.

  2. Why doesn’t the media call out this family’s carelessness with these kids? From the obvious exploitation, to the shady ventures, to the twitter exposure, it’s just odd how they aren’t being called out. Especially when the media doesn’t even like the family. Can you imagine what would have been said if MJ had did what they’ve done?

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