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The Murdochs are over. Rupert has filed for divorce from the lovely Wendi Deng. Amazing. He divorced his long time wife Anna to marry Wendi and had two girls with her. Wendi has gained tremendous popularity among the Hollywood crowd, making great friends of people like Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe. She produced a couple of films, as well, released through Fox Searchlight.

The fact that Rupert filed against Wendi is very telling. Will a big scandal erupt in the tabloids? How will the NY Post handle this? So far(1:30pm) they’re the only media outlet not reporting the divorce.

The Murdochs were married a total of 14 years. But there have been signs of stress. A few years ago, Rupert confessed during an interview that his daughters with Wendi would never have voting power in News Corp– that remains with his four children from his first marriage. That may have been the beginning of the end. Wendi is also often associated the projects considered liberal or progressive, many in direction contradiction to Rupert’s antiquated thinking.

And there’s the age difference. He’s 81. She’s a hot 44.

To be continued…

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  1. Mary
    I did no such thing. You can vent away here. But Wendi Murdoch can deal with you as she likes. I don’t know anything about her breaking up marriages. Just remember, it takes two or three people to end a marriage when other people are involved. No one can “break up a marriage.” This isn’t “As the World Turns.”

  2. Mr. Friedman, why do you delete any and every viewer comment about Wendy breaking up marriages and knowingly starting affairs with married men, but back when Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts knowing started affairs with married men (and later married them just like Wendy), you allowed viewers to comment and criticize them? You cannot have it both ways.

    Why are you protecting Wendy? Is it not truthful to state that she is fifty percent responsible for wrecking two marriages? You know that is true. Wendy is not this wonderful great person that you constantly portray her as being. She knew exactly what she was doing when she started an affair with Rupert and had zero guilt about wrecking his marriage, zero guilt about the hurt and pain it caused his then wife and his children, and it wasn’t the first time she did something like this with a married man.

    Help me understand why you will not allow any negative comments about her? To be consistent, you should never ever again allow any negative comment about any hollywood person that cheats on their spouse.

  3. She is a gold digger and is 50 percent responsible for wrecking at least two marriages due to infidelity. She knowingly entered into a relationship with Rupert knowing he was married. Sorry Mr. Friedman, I am a fan of yours but completely disagree with you calling Wendy “lovely,” she isn’t.

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