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Exclusive: Hillary Clinton is busily writing her new book, due from Simon & Schuster probably on June 1, 2014 according to an amazon.com entry. The book will cover her time as Secretary of State, no doubt including the events of Benghazi. The goal is to clear the air and have everything in place for her 2016 campaign for president. So who’s writing Hillary’s book? Or ghost-writing it? I can confirm that the person doing the heavy lifting is Edward “Ted” Widmer, 50, a former speechwriter for Bill Clinton with some heavy credentials. It’s still unclear how he will be billed.

Widmer, a Harvard grad who wrote for the Lampoon, has a long association with Brown University, where he’s held the post of Director of the John Carter Brown Library. Between 2001 and 2006, Widmer was inaugural director of the C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience at Washington widmerCollege, where, according to his bio, “he created numerous programs designed to enliven the teaching of American history and politics to diverse groups, ranging from Muslim college students in historically anti-American regions of the world to elementary students in under-financed public school districts of the eastern shore of Maryland.”

Yesterday I spoke with his wife, who assured me Widmer would call back after taking their son to the mall. He did not return the call or an email. Sources say that Widmer has conceded that Clinton–though she hasn’t said so directly– is “incredibly organized and planning her campaign.”

(NOTE: Widmer wrote to me late Thursday with this addition: “I have neither said that or anything like it to anyone, nor is it something I believe.”)

Widmer sounds like the right man for this job. The tone and revelations of Hillary’s book are going to be crucial to her campaign. Widmer should get a nice fee, too. Clinton’s last book fetched an $8 million advance. This one, say some reports, could be as high as $14 million–although in book publishing that would be ridiculous and impossible to earn back.

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  1. so now it’s commit treason, lie to congress under oath, and write a book about it, and make money from it.
    you gotta love this administration. they are so out of control, the word conspiracy has been stricken from the dictionary.

  2. I am sick to death of this old hag being shoved down our throats…will she explain what the Clinton foundation has done with the donations collected for the Haiti relief fund? as of now, the victims have NOT received any monies…the foundation is in charge of the money…where is it and why won’t the Clintons tell what happened to the donation???!!

  3. “So once the deed was done, and Mr. X had confirmed that he had put the body in Fort Marcy Park, I asked him to have Bernie Nausbaum and Maggie Thompson call me in Little Rock. Later that night, Maggie called, and she said that she and Bernie would take out all of Vince’s papers from his White House office, and anything that might have anything to do with my relationship with him….or any documentia that tied me to anything having to do with Whitewater or that damned billing thing. Mr. X had already taken a lot of papers out of Vince’s house while his wife was with the coroner identifying the body. Convenient interlude, I always thought.
    By the next morning they had stripped the office bare. Two days later I had Bernie leave that briefcase with the torn to shreds “suicide note’ that we had worked on before I left to Little Rock. Vince’s scribbling was really hard to forge, but in the end, we managed to get it right.”

  4. Don’t forget how huge the number is of people who will believe she actually wrote it; that she has the sense required to write a book.

  5. None of these people write their own books. Do people really believe Bill O’Reilly writes 2 “historic” novels or more a year? HaHa-What’s next? “Killing Rip Van Winkle”? When you’re dealing with talking heads,actors and politicians,you’re not dealing with a lot of gray matter.

  6. Sorry I went off topic. Also meant to say hear, not here. Don’t believe that the truth is being told by her or anyone in this administration. Will the ghost writer tell the truth?

  7. Hillary needs to retire. Still waiting on answers concerning Bengazi. Would like to here the truth. Not “what difference does it make now?”

  8. The people are sheeplike so I suppose Hillary will win in 2016. God help us all. In my lifetime
    I doubt I will ever see a conservative in office. I am 82, so you can see why I have written this.

  9. will the new book include her dozens of trips – at taxpayers expense – to trave a quarter MILLION miles to deliver speeches and seminars on ‘womens rights’ despite the fact that there is no budget for this in the state department budget????

  10. I’m dying to hear what documents Sandy Berger stuffed in his pants and how she had no idea of alleged criminal conduct by State Department officials including sexual assault, prostitutes that included children, and drugs and that were covered up by high level executives at the State Department including her own Chief of Staff. Then throw in her primary role in the Benghazi fiasco and cover-up and ask the question she asked everyone during her 2008 campaign – When the phone rings at 3:00A in the White House do you really want her to answer it? That ought to be some book.

  11. Hillary is nothing more than a 2-bit lying, deceiving, traitor to our country. Why anyone would want to pay to read her fairy tale book is incomprehensible.

  12. Hillary never wrote a speech much less any of her books. She just doesn’t have the mental capacity to do so. Just like she never bought or sold those Cattle futures.

  13. Will it contain an inventory of the illegal gifts she kept while doing her “official duties”???? You know, the trinkets, gifts for Bill and Chelsea, jewelry, china, silver, vases, tapestries, etc.

  14. I think that public comments on her book are far more creative, entertaining and revealing than anything that Hillary’s ghost writer could invent. What we really need is an unauthorized book on Hillary to reveal all the lies and the sleaze about her from day one.

  15. The Screeching Ogress is just a rug for BC to make a return to the WH for a third term, where HC, soused and head banging floors, will be but a figurehead, if you can call that a figure.

  16. I believe that the title “Ghost Rider’ is already used as a book title by the drummer for a progressive Rock Band; Rush’s Neil Peart (in which you will find more truth in the table of contents then you will find in the whole work by Billary) and it is also a Marvel Comic Superhero me thinks.

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