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I have to laugh, this is too much. Katherine Jackson and Michael’s kids are suing AEG Live; the trial is proceeding in downtown Los Angeles. Meantime, Michael’s brothers– the Jacksons–including Jermaine– are set to perform on June 30 a few blocks away at the Staples Center. The show, billed as the BET Experience, features R. Kelly, who his own scandals, New Edition with the infamous Bobby Brown.They should change the name from the Unity Tour to the Infamy Tour.

So let me lay this out for you. The Jacksons will do their show in the Staples Center, the place where Michael Jackson was eulogized during a big memorial on July 7, 2009, as well as almost four years to the day of his death — June 25th–and then buried from.

On the stage of the Staples Center friends and family spoke. Michael’s coffin was front and center. AEG produced the memorial in 2009, and now the Jackson brothers  are working for the same promoter while they hope for a jury decision and big money. A Jackson lawyer said today that the boys have no choice. He said AEG is the only promoter in the world. I guess they haven’t heard of Live Nation. Or any of the other concert promoters.

You’d think Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie would think being at the Staples was too hard or too tacky. That working for AEG might look bad. But no such luck. Where there’s money, there’s a Jackson. And don’t stop til you get enough.

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  1. It’s always the same thing for all the Jacksons. They don’t care who or what they associate with as long as they get paid or get what they want. Greedy & nothing is ever their fault.

  2. Roger Friedman, your article is disrespect and not in good taste. What ever your personal views are… they should be done in good taste I understand that this is how you make a living, but poring salt into open wounds? I wonder if the show were on the other foot,would you be so quick to judge? Another tabloid trash tragedy.. With that said, all that has been revealed through this trial, proves that Mrs. Jackson was right… AEG was doing some evil deeds and I think that they should be held accountable for their actions… no “man” is above the law.

  3. The problem with this world is there is too much hate and not enough love and support. People are always talking about the Jacksons, and talking about Micheal as well. This only shows how IMPORTANT they truly are. You dont talk about a nobody you only talk about SOMEBODY. For the haters, no matter what the Jacksons does is bad. I am extremely happy for them. I am extremely proud of them. You would think they were my own blood relatives. Maybe because I have been a fan since their first single release of “I WANT YOU BACK”. Performing is in their blood and they are enjoying themselves SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. As far as the Staples Center, Go Jacksons Go Jacksons Go Jacksons Go Jacksons. I bet even if the Jacksons walked on the same side of the street as the Staples Center you haters would have something negative to say. Before they stop touring I am praying for the opportunity of seeing them for a THIRD time. Their performance and stage presence is ELECTRIFYING. OH MY GOD. What a FABULOUS, HIGH ENERGY show. If you dont know, you better read the reviews. I wish people would stop talking like they know the Jacksons.

  4. So KJ’s atty comments that ‘J’s don’t need to ‘ban’ AEG due to a prior ‘mistake.’ Oh, OK.
    Also, as a reminder, MJ is NOT on trial against AEG as foolishly commented above. Allowed claim against AEG is negligent hiring and supervision of the person who actually killed Jackson. And just maybe the Jackson Estate did not see grounds for this lawsuit to begin with. Given all the gibberish about Elvis, spirits, socks and, ‘Wow, he said that’ soundbites, they certainly have a point.

  5. How many music labels exist ?
    How many tour promoters exist ?
    Do u think that one is really much different from the other ?

    So , for many of the #MJFam , the Jackson Family can not do music anymore. They are done.
It is your choice to support or not support, but it is unfair trashing a family of artists when they do not have any other option to be able to make music and do what they love.
Other artists are forced to do the same as the Jackson Family.
MJ did not have any other option either….and for years wrote and sang music for you while forced to go through the corrupt system. 
MJ was trying in the meantime to change the system from the inside, but when he saw that there was no way to do such, he tried to walk away from the system, and was not able to do so… They stopped him using any dirty way possible.
    The only solution is left , is to fight these entities in courtroom …..oh well, aren’t KJ and MJ3 doing so ?

    I am a scientist , and my job is for entities and lawyers that I am not proud of…. But I have to make a living for my family and I know that despite my job is indirectly protecting the Interests of greedy entities, my job is directly helping workers’ health that without me , would have no one to protect their health while doing their job.

  6. #MJFam Once again the trial is MJ (ended up dead because of AEG’s inactions) vs AEG .
    MJ is represented by KJ, Prince, Paris and Blanket.
    What the the rest of the Jackson Family do or not do with their lives is irrelevant to the case.

    U talk about the Jacksons touring with AEG… How about the Estate (that u claim represent MJ) doing AEG’s interests for 4 years while knowing that AEG was garbage and careless to MJ and they could have saved MJ by helping the artist?

    Why don’t u all ask why the Estate , that u all support , is not also suing AEG ? What happened for 4 years ?
    Where the fraud Estate of MJ has been for 4 years and where is it now?

    Thing is that MJ is on trial against AEG and MJ Estate should have been the ones 4 years ago in trial against AEG…..But Branca could not have sued AEG because he worked for them, he is part of them and part of that same garbage system and he had and has to make $$ for the dirty system he represents … MJ Estate is in conflict of interests !!

    Isn’t this a #shame !

  7. Would you share with us who in the Jackson family has gone on to higher education, what level and subject matter? Self improvement is my question, not who has the biggest house, the fancy clothes, the meanest jewelry, or the slickest hairdo.

  8. Jacksons’ attorney Boyle says outside court: what are they to do? AEG has venues tied up. Should they quit performing? Maybe they should remember their last trip to AEG-owned Staples was to carry their brother’s coffin. Perhaps Jermaine should recall the remarks about AEG he wrote in his book, as he seems to be suffering from memory lapse. Actually, Boyle’s suggestion was a good one, they should quit “performing”. If they do show up at Staples, at least, at least, at least, don’t mask their “performance” as a “tribute” to Michael and stop croaking out his songs.

  9. Jermaine in a recent interview said well yeah the trial will come and go but the music will live forever, not wanting their partnership with AEG for performance at Staples to become part of the discussion. Hypocrites, all of them.

  10. It’s an alternate universe when it comes to the J’s and all I can do
    is smh at the hypocrisy and money at all costs attitude. Just
    stunning. Sort of puts the kabosh on their claim that this trial
    is about seeking truth and justice. What a bunch of hooey. Wonder
    if mother J will attend.

  11. Well, I dont think people are supposed to be smart enough to figure out that they are waiting for a payout by way of Katherine
    They arent involved in the lawsuit.
    thats their story and they are sticking to it..

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