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Yes, Cicely Tyson is the oldest winner ever of a Tony — she’s 88 years old although you’d never know it. Many data bases say she’s 79, but it’s not so. We checked it out when Trip to Bountiful opened in April. She looks amazing. I asked her then what was her secret? She said “If you drove a Bentley wouldn’t you put only premium gas in It? I only eat the best things.”
Also the Tony Awards rating were up in the demo and overall audience. Even though basketball beat it, the Tonys held their own quite nicely. Les Moonves should be pleased. He renewed the Tony show deal through 2018. Cicely will be 93.

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  1. Uh Trace, “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman” was a television movie, not a play. One did not go somewhere to see it. You saw it on your television. I remember seeing it on tv when I saw about 12 or 13. The last scene is where she walks up to the water fountain, even if it was considered illegal for her to do so. Terrific performance.

  2. I remember going to see her in “The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman” She is beautiful inside and out and a national treasure, and once together with Miles Davis! Quite the life. God bless her.

  3. What an elegant and talented lady! She more than earned and deserved the Tony for this show as well as her body of work over the years.

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