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Here’s some exclusive “Mad Men” news: Season 7, the final season, will have one extra episode. Instead of the usual 13 there will be fourteen episodes. Sources tell me it will be a regular one hour episode, too, not a special double finale. My guess, if I had to make one, is that will be set sometime in the future after episode 13. But’s that just speculation. Season 7 should take place through all of 1969, bringing Don, Betty, Peggy and friends to the end of an era.

Of course, with two episodes in Season 6 remaining, the big news tonight or next week will be whether or not Betty is pregnant. And if she is, will it be the result of her fling with Don? It’s an old soap opera convention, but it’s sure to drive ratings and get tongues wagging. Even if it is Don’s, would he even acknowledge it? Not necessarily since he barely speaks to Bobby and has no relationship with youngest son, Gene.

Set your DVRs, since “Mad Men” will overlap with the Tony Awards tonight for one hour. I’m betting that during that hour the Tonys put on segments from all the musicals.

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  1. You’re using a six year old picture to bring us news about next year? If it was too difficult to go to the AMC website for something fresher, you could have at least Googled for a new one. They’re all over the place you know.

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