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Here’s a video of Tom Cruise’s speech to WalMart employees in Fayetteville, Arkansas yesterday. “The culture you have here is really like no other,” Tom said. “Your company is a role model,” he added. The rest of the speech was about how WalMart helps low income women. Watch the video. I’d love to hear from female Wal Mart employees on this subject. He also waxes on about WalMart’s eco-friendly projects. Cruise also addressed hunger in America. He said, “This is hard to believe, but [some Americans] have little food to eat.”

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  1. I’m low income and female, and I have to tell you that some of the prices at Walmart just can’t be beat. Their reasonable prices have made it possible for me to buy the things I need as I finish my degree. I can’t speak to their corporate model, corporate responsibility or waste management practices. It’s worth the trip to the store when I can buy lettuce for half the price of my local market.

  2. WHO CARES what this pretty boy Hollywood elitist thinks anyway? He has all the talent of a snail and if it wasn’t for his pretty boy face he would never have made it in Hollywood with his minimal “talent”. He reminds of of New York newspaper boy that should be harking the NY Times on some street corner.

  3. Walmart tells employees to apply for Medicaid, to take care of their medical care. This is a horrible corporation. And Tom Cruise is a clueless idiot.

  4. WHAT ! Walmart employees were eligible for food stamps themselves , according to reports,, because they are paid so little
    Lets not even get into when they put life insurance policies naming Walmart as the beneficiary on the elderly door greeters

  5. Some Americans employed by Wal-Mart at poverty level wages have little food to eat. Tom Cruise is a big phony – talking again as if he has a brain. Wal_Mart has a history of discrimination, ripping off their workers, bribery and extortion. Tom Cruise demonstrates again his absolute cluelessness about corporations that are not un-like his Church – manipulative and exploitive.

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