Home Celebrity Tom Cruise Reschedules Planned Producers Guild Appearance Until After Event is Over

If you were expecting to attend “A Conversation with Tom Cruise” tomorrow at the Producers Guild event in Los Angeles, you’re out of luck. Cruise abruptly canceled his appointment, which has been publicized for several months. The PGA conference is this weekend on the 20th Century Fox lot and features two of Tom’s past producer-directors, Jerry Bruckheimer and J.J. Abrams.

There are plenty of other good events on the schedule for this weekend, including a talk with “Survivor” and “The Bible” producer Mark Burnett.  The PGA now says Cruise will do his conversation next  Saturday at 11am on the Fox lot for those who are available. Why is he off tomorrow’s calendar? He isn’t shooting a movie. Anyway, maybe next week someone will ask Cruise about dropping out of “Man from UNCLE” and how he feels about “Oblivion” and “Jack Reacher” not reaching the $100 million mark in the U.S.

Also, Cruise apparently told a British paper last week that he’d like to emulate Eddie Murphy, who was turning “Beverly Hills Cop” into a TV series. Unfortunately CBS passed on that series, so maybe Tom has changed his mind.

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