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Sources tell me that Paris Jackson may stay in the hospital a bit longer than the required 72 hours. It sounds now like she will be there for at least a couple of weeks, I am told, maybe longer. She’s not crazy and she’s not suicidal. But she does need help and therapy and a plan for moving forward.

There are a lot of crazy things being written right now about Paris. Don’t believe most of it. For one thing, Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson are on the same page when it comes to the kids. I’ve heard this consistently from everyone. Katherine had already agreed to let Paris stay with Debbie this summer. Debbie, sources say, has been trying to work on Paris’s various issues.

It is true that TJ Jackson, the kids’ co-guardian, no  longer lives near the Calabasas house. He is about 80 miles away and is not seen at the house on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean there will be a change in guardianship of Prince, Paris and  Blanket. He is still very much on top of things.

Next Sunday, June 15th, there will be a Jackson family wedding at the Havenhurst house in Encino. TJ’s brother, Taj, son of Tito, will get married. Everyone in the family is invited. Who will show up? We’ll have to read X17online, where Randy Jackson has some kind of deal for photos. It’s unlikely Paris will be there, but who knows> A week is a long time. And Tito’s kids have been very close to Paris and Prince.

Meantime, there is talk that Paris was going to change schools at the end of this term anyway. I will let you know more about this soon.



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  1. And DON’T start medicating her. Medication is the last thing she needs. What was she overdosing on? DO NOT put her on some anti-anxiety meds. Her anxiety is genuine and based in reality, what she needs is help to cope and to be loved, not sedated.

  2. Obviously TJ is not on top of things. You have to actually be there, physically. You can’t just call in and say “hey there, what’s up, you know I love you, don’t you?” You have to hug the kids, ask how was school, read their body language at breakfast. With Katherine at court and Prince with his girlfriend and her family, Paris and Blanket are virtually alone in a huge house with staff and security.

    Add to that the terrible trial which importantly reveals an awful corporate attitude towards MJ but is a nightmare to the children, Wade Robson’s allegations and obvious disregard for their feelings in connection with that (as far as I can tell, he didn’t even mention them in his interviews, he merely allowed his lawyer to call MJ a “monster” and then expressed his “relief”.) Missing her father who according to everyone (among them Frank Cascio) was always there for his children with unconditional love, prepared to interrupt any meeting to comfort them if need be, no wonder Paris feels out of place and unloved. She is not even living in the house she (as she told Oprah) considers home, Hayvenhurst. And she is fifteen, an age when everything is rocky and all feelings strong.

    She will handle it eventually, and hopefully Debbie will be of great help, but the situation has to be reevaluated and she needs to be listened to.

  3. I hope she will be fine. Perhaps the Judge investigating the “attemted suicide” will consider whats happening in her family as in “vultures” so-called relatives and her grandmother’s relationship with them.This may also be a major factor for such an incident.

  4. It’s reported that T.J. is only going to the Calabasas house 2 to 3 times a week. He did not notify Child Services that he moved 2 months ago. That is a no no for a guardian. IMO, that is a problem because for the last 6 weeks Katherine has been in court. It’s not up to security, housekeeper and chef to raise these children. Who was home during Paris’ attempted suicide?

    X17online is the tabloid Randy Jackson used to promote his John Branca hate, slander Paris for callling the police when he and his siblings kidnapped their mother and his personal warped opinions.

    Since Judge Beckloff has issued an investigation into Paris’ suicide attempt, there is a high possibility guardianship(s) could be revoked and new ones assigned since these children are NOT receiving a stable foundation, consistency, someone to confide in or loved within their current residence. Katherine cannot relate to teenagers at her age. That household has been a nightmare for 4 years and these children’s lives have been turned up-side-down by being thrown into the public by the Jackson’s. Time to find someone who give these children top priority in their lives. Could it be Nanny Grace who raised them? She’s the only mother Blanket has ever known.

  5. Doesn’t she and Prince go to the same school? Why is she being picked on and not him? They really need to get them out of LA. If she continues to try to look to fit in she won’t find it. I do hope she heals and goes on to have a productive life

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