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The great Mel Brooks told me last night at his AFI tribute that he still has lots of plans for stage shows. Brooks said first of all that “Blazing Saddles” may yet make it to Broadway.

It’s not quite a linear movie like “The Producers” or “Young Frankenstein,” so it’s taking a bit longer to figure out. But my guess is we’ll see “Blazing Saddles” by 2015 at the latest, and probably earlier.

And Mel is hoping to bring “Young Frankenstein” to the West End in London. He’s in talks now. I loved “Young Frankenstein” as a musical. It got mixed reviews in New York — mostly because everyone wanted “The Producers” part two.

Brooks is very busy, very funny and still on top of his game. Also, his son Max wrote the book upon which “World War Z” is based. Really, Mel should be making a parody of “‘WWZ” after the blockbuster runs its course this summer. Cloris Leachman as a zombie leader? Absolutely!

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