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Mel Gibson came under some fire last night at the Mel Brooks tribute, still the butt of jokes after his career ending moves with the police, anti-Semitism, racism, drinking, philandering, accusations of violence against his baby mama, and so on. And of course “The Beaver.”

But now I’m told that Gibson will appear in “The Expendables 3,” the third installment of Sylvester Stallone’s shoot em up series that also features his former Planet Hollywood buddies and partners Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. There’s no confirmation, but the source seemed serious.

Also featured in “E3” are Jackie Chan and Milla Jovovich.

Gibson, sources say, will play “the villain” in the new movie. He’s lucky to be included in a film with other stars at this point. After all his scandals and “The Beaver” he can’t open a film. He made a movie two years ago that was released to video on demand. Basically, there’s very little demand to pay for  Mel Gibson in a movie theater.

Stallone had Tweeted back on April 13th that Gibson was not interested in directing “Ex 3.” But I guess he changed his mind about appearing in the film which also features Nicolas Cage.

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  1. @Mel4Prez, Clearly, you align yourself with Mel Gibson out of a shared anti-Semitism. I appreciate your honesty about that, so all can judge your defense of Mel properly.

    @EricHutchison, What would you expect of Mel’s closest friends? You contradict yourself in your own short message. You assert Hollywood loves Roman Polanski, whom you clearly despise as an evil person. Yet, you also say that Mel couldn’t be evil because he was accepted in Hollywood for so many years. You need to choose whether you prefer to stand by your stereotype of Hollywood as being a great judge of character or evil. You can’t have it both ways.

    By the way, does it make more sense to look at what Mel has said and done or to ask his friends what they think of him? I am more comfortable looking at what he has said and done.

    Google up Mel Gibson’s worst quotes and rants. Then print out your comments and eat your words.

  2. Time and time AGAIN, you people pay no attention to what Mel Gibson’s closest friends say about who he truly is. You just keep pandering to the hatred against him because that’s what the popular kids are doing. You talk about HIS hatred, yet you hypocritically keep hating him for mistakes he’s made……like imperfect humans do. If you had any damn common sense at all, you’d know the man wouldn’t gotten by in Hollywood for so many years if he was truly this “evil” person you portray him to be.

    Now go give another Oscar to the child rapist.(Polanski)

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