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Very upsetting news that Paris Jackson, the 15 year old daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe, may have attempted suicide. ET says Rowe confirmed for them that Paris is hospitalized after the attempt. (Rowe is very close with an ET producer.) She is most likely in West Hills Hospital near Calabasas, California.

But Paris, who seems like a gifted, verbal child, was sending out some odd Tweets on Twitter in the last few days about not sleeping and not being able to study.

Of course, she’s under pressure about making a new relationship with Rowe, and with the crazy trial going on in Los Angeles about her father’s death. None of that is easy. But this may have been catalyzed by something to do with a boy. She wrote on May 28th:

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  1. Arent the comments on your article, regarding this 15 yr old child, subject to “pending moderation” and you okayed these comments, Roger?
    Are you on drugs?

  2. These are the kind of childish, hateful comments you allow here, Mr. Friedman? In connection with an unhappy child? I believed you to be at least an inch above TMZ. Paris, if you read this – I hope you never will – don’t pay any attention to them. They are written by immature people with mean hearts and twisted minds.

  3. Just because she is rich doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some psychological issues. Maybe what looks to you as begging for attention could just be begging to be helped. How can anyone discredit someone who actually tries to commit suicide? It’s not like she was just threatening it. You obviously don’t know what it’s like to feel that way, doesn’t matter if you’re privileged or not

  4. She is living a lie. No wonder she is messed up. She is a white girl purchased as a pet for a black man who wanted some white kids to call him daddy. This is all the fault of Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe and her real father, whoever he is.

  5. It doesn’t matter how wealthy or famous you are if you have clinical depression then you have a suicide potential and a very high one if you’re not treating. The serotonin level in your brain is not influenced by money or fame. I hope she gets the help she needs and support from her family. It’s a horrible disease and can be very tough to treat.

  6. I don’t care whose daughter she is, how rich or famous she or her family are; if she tried to commit suicide she needs help. She’s just a child. Where is the compassion? SHE IS JUST A CHILD!

  7. It’s clear by her twitter, that she loves attention. Looks like she got it.

    My heart goes out to real victims, not to some over-privileged brat who seems to want everyone to make a fuss over her.

  8. There’s too much pressure on her? Give me a break. She has a mother, brothers, she has a grandmother and a huge extended family. She has more than 99.99% of the population in terms of health, wealth and family. There are children around the world who have lost their family to AIDS, to wars, to whatever, and they don’t even have access to clean water.

  9. So much for your unending posts about how saavy and feisty and strong this girl is!!!!! She is still a vulnerable child who has been hurt in so many ways and now Mama shows up to take her away and you encourage this!!!! Those children, I hope have been in therapy. How much are they supposed to take?

  10. Do you like the emporer’s new clothes? I teach mixed-raced kids everyday and none of them look like Paris. Michael Jackson had nothing to do with this child.

  11. There is no way in heck that this is anywhere near his daughter #1 and with what this poor girl went through as a child I can see why she is stressed and NOT because of missing a concert either, #2

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