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UPDATE What’s the name of this album? No one knows yet. According to my sources, Mariah “is still choosing between two titles.” We should know by the end of the week…EARLIER Mariah Carey is releasing her new album on July 23rd. More details to come. It won’t include Almost Home, her song from “Oz.” But of course it will have “#Beautiful,” with Miguel, which has turned into a hit. More news coming…keep refreshing…

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  1. I really think Mariah Carey is a very good singer. And I think she has changed her videos. I liked the video where she is in “we belong together” and the story telling. My boyfriend met her sister several months ago that has been in the media. She a very bad drug addict, and I am sure Mariah has tried to help her many times. I think that the media should leave Mariah alone as far as her family.

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