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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seemed closer than ever Sunday night in London at the premiere of “World War Z.” They had two of their six kids with them– Pax and Maddox. They had friends and family. And they’ve survived this latest harrowing human episode, Angelina’s double mastectomy, as well as the death of her aunt. I’ve spent time with them before during movie launches. But I have to say, they are a lovely, close knit team. There’s nothing fake about it. Weddings rings or not they are in it for good.

“I don’t know what I’d do without her,” Brad said at the “WWZ” after party. It was late and was a little emotional. “She keeps it all going.”

Angelina looked beautiful all night. But what really excited her was Brad’s success. When told “World War Z” was terrific fun, and that Pitt had done a good job, she lit up. “You don’t know how hard he worked on this,” she said. She literally glowed with good will for her partner and father of her children.

Unlike many movie stars, they are a pleasure to be around. At the after party, a reception in the Corinthia Hotel following the extraordinary Muse concert , Jolie and Pitt stayed to the very end. They talked to everyone, took pictures with strangers, and seemed geniunely interested in what was going on.

Brad sat down and talked with co-star Mirielle Enos (from TV’s “The Killing”), Angie chatted with young guys who were friends of friends. CAA agent Bryan Lourd and Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal came by to wish him well, and to support director Forster (he made “Quantum of Solace” for Pascal).

Pitt and Jolie reminded me of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, the other happy “Hollywood” couple. They’ve been through good times and bad, and now it’s all come together.

And I did love Angelina on that black carpet before the movie started. Fans were handing her gifts, asking about her health, holding up signs. She wasn’t just gracious but enthusiastic. It’s rare at her level. And she wasn’t doing it win points. Nice nice nice.

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