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The Michael Jackson trial goes on in Los Angeles, and some people are twisting what’s going on with the testimony. To clarify; AEG Live never paid Conrad Murray to be Michael’s doctor or anything. Emails from AEG may indicate, rhetorically, that “we’re paying him.” But AEG never paid him. Or hired him. AEG was giving Michael Jackson the money to pay Dr. Murray. But Michael had been paying him already. He was Jackson’s doctor.

There’s no smoking gun unless there’s a check made out to Murray from AEG or a receipt that Murray has from them. Promoter Paul Gongaware may be shaky on the stand. But his testimony is not going to win the case or lose it.

The headlines coming out of the trial can be misleading. All the back and forth about Jackson’s health and his disposition to working, etc are irrelevant at this point. All that matters now is establishing who was responsible for Dr. Murray, the man who presided over Michael’s death. Whether Michael was thin or eating or tired or sleeping all day or not rehearsing on schedule–none of that is pertinent to this case.

Who hired Conrad Murray? From the beginning it was clear that Michael Jackson hired him, chose him, approved of him, and wanted AEG to provide him with the funds to keep him doing his bidding. The rest of it can be written about or debated for years to come. But it won’t bring the Jackson family the millions and billions they expect to reap from this case.

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  1. I just want Michael to be left alone. He was great entertainer with a caring heart. too bad too many conartists were around hi and took advantage of his kindness. But Michael is with God and that is the greatest and more important and being with GOd is something we all must come to face one day (Rich or poor) is we live right.

  2. Emotional buttons are being pushed. Allowed claim is did AEG negligently hire and supervise the felon. Both sides apparently want to make this about the deceased who isn’t here to confirm or deny conflicting testimony. Closest we’ll get to that will most likely be his children’s input.

    Just one thing, Mr. Friedman, it is actually the AEG-KJ trial, although both sides don’t seem to understand that, either.

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