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Any hopes of Hilly Krystal’s legacy at CBGB being furthered by a new movie about the punk rock club are dead. “CBGB,” directed by Randall Miller, has been sold to a D List distributor of movies you’ve never heard of. XLRator Films is just releasing “Storm Surfers 3D” and a variety of junk headed straight to video. What a shame that the 23 listed producers of “CBGB” couldn’t make a better deal. The film stars some names, like Alan Rickman, Rupert Grint, Johnny Galecki, Mickey Sumner, and Malin Ackerman. But it must be very, very bad if they couldn’t get Magnolia or IFC. Now “CBGB” will be in the slasher film bin. They’re even debuting it at the CBGB Film Festival– come on, this is sad. Punk is really dead. Lawrence “Muzzy” Rosenblatt– who makes $300,000 a year running the Bowery Residents Committee–the landlord that kicked out CBGB, shutting it down forever– must be so proud.

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