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I told you a couple of weeks ago that Paris Jackson was going to the Cannes Film Festival. That was certainly supposed to be the situation. She and her manager Rick Yorn were going there, and Paris was supposed to meet Yorn’s super client Leonardo DiCaprio on a yacht. But Yorn’s wife is nine months pregnant– she may have given birth by now– so he scotched the trip after debating if he could get back in time.

But there’s a lot more going on with 15 year old world wise Paris. She’s spending a lot of time with her mother, Debbie Rowe. I was first to write this a couple of months ago– that Paris wanted to live with Debbie, spend the summer at her ranch, etc. I think this is great news. A teenage girl should want to be with her mother. So far brother Prince hasn’t come around, but he will. The kids are lucky to have a living parent.

Nonetheless, there are issues. For one thing, Paris has two guardians– her grandmother and her cousin. The family court is unlikely to change that or emancipate her. Sources say Debbie Rowe is fine with that and is in constant touch with Katherine Jackson.

But there’s another player involved– Lowell Henry, the man who’s been advising Katherine for the last couple of years. He made the connection with Rick Yorn, and has plans for Paris. I am told that Debbie Rowe isn’t so keen on him. That may cause trouble. But if anyone can smell trouble, it’s Rowe.

Meantime Paris will spend the summer at the horse ranch. And it may be causing some discussion at home. She tweeted on May 27: “Can’t satisfy anyone.”


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  1. Who cares? Are there not more important things going on than what this trash is doing? She is nothing but the purchased playmate of a self hating freak who wanted to play “daddy” to some white children.

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